La 317ème section (317th Platoon) (1965)



Director:    Pierre Schoendoerffer.

Starring:    Jacques Perrin (Le sous-lieutenant Torrens), Bruno Cremer (L'adjudant Willsdorf), Pierre Fabre (Le sergent Roudier), Manuel Zarzo (Le caporal Perrin), Boramy Tioulong (Le sergent supplétif Ba Kut).

Based on the director's experiences of being taken prisoner at Dien Buen Phu, the defeat that led the French to get out of Indochina.

Shot as if it were news reel footage from the last days of the French occupation of Indochina, Schoendoerffer follows the platoon's retreat through the jungle as they are slowly annihilated in ambushes, betrayals, attacks and by diseases.  



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