54 (1998)



Director:      Mark Christopher.

Starring:      Ryan Phillippe (Shane O'Shea), Salma Hayek (Anita Randazzo), Neve Campbell (Julie Black), Mike Myers (Steve Rubell), Sela Ward (Billie Auster), Breckin Meyer (Greg Randazzo), Sherry Stringfield (Viv), Ellen Albertini Dow (Disco Dottie), Cameron Mathison (Atlanta), Noam Jenkins (Romeo), Jay Goede (Buck), Patrick Taylor (Tarzan), Heather Matarazzo (Grace O'Shea), Skipp Sudduth (Harlan O'Shea), Aemilia Robinson (Kelly O'Shea).

Disco, booze, drugs, sex  -- they were all available at the hottest dance place on Manhattan Island, the legendary Studio 54. Young, naive youngsters mix company with the owners who are descending into decadence and corruption. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.













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