Against the Wall (1994)



Director:    John Frankenheimer.

Starring:     Kyle MacLachlan (Michael Smith), Samuel L. Jackson (Jamaal), Clarence Williams III (Chaka), Frederic Forrest (Weisbad), Harry Dean Stanton (Hal), Philip Bosco (Oswald), Tom Bower (Ed), Anne Heche (Sharon), Carmen Argenziano (Mancusi), Peter Murnik (Jess), Steve Harris (Cecil), David Ackroyd (William Kuntsler), Mark Cabus (Ken), Bruce Evers (Yates), Joey Anderson (Mrs. Willis).

Made-for-cable film.

The Attica riot seen from the viewpoint of a young prison guard who is really bothered by the job politically and morally.   And wouldn't you know it, he is one of the guards taken hostage by the prisoners when they riot and take over the prison.


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