Hannibal (1959)  --  the great Carthaginian general in the Second Punic War (Carthage vs. Rome), 218-201 BC

X  Hannibal:  Rome's Worst Nightmare  --   Hannibal marched 40,000 soldiers and 37 elephants 1,500 miles to fight the Romans

Cabiria (1914)  --   a young girl's odyssey at the time of Hannibal in the Second Punic War (218-201 BC) -- focus on n. African front

X  Siege of Syracuse (1960) – Roman siege (214-212 BC) in Second Punic War

Scipione l'africano (Scipio Africanus: The Defeat of Hannibal) (1937)  --  Roman general defeats Hannibal  ($30)

Scipione detto anche l'africano (Scipio the African) (1971) --  ancient Roman warrior Scipio Africanus ($60)

Cartagine in fiamme (Carthage in Flames) (1960)  --   Rome vs. Carthage during Third Punic War, 149-146 B.C.



Fort Saganne (1984)  --  1911,the adventures of  Charles Saganne in the French Foreign Legion when he is posted to the Sahara in Algeria (& a little of WWI)

Legionnaire (1999) --  the Foreign Legion's battles against Algerian berbers

Rachida (2002)  --   a look at terrorism in the Algerian civil war through the eyes of Rachida, a teacher in one of the school districts.



Liberty Belle (1983)  --  a student, Paris, 1959-1960, gets involved with a group opposing the French Algerian war

La Battaglia di Algeri (The Battle of Algiers) (1966)  --   Italian-Algerian film about Algerian revolt against French, 1954-1962

Lost Command (1966) -- French-Algerian guerilla warfare in North Africa

Outremer (Overseas) (1990)  --  French film about three sisters during the Algerian War

La Trahison (The Betrayal) (2005) --  French officer and recruits in Algerian War

Cache (2005)  --  repressed memories of the aftermath of the Algerian War

Le Crabe-tambour (1977)  --  French war hero of French Indochina and Algeria   ($79 for new, $190 for used DVD)

Nuit Noire (Black Night) (2005)  --  French massacre in Algeria

Le Petit Soldat  (1963)  --  during the Algerian war, young French deserter gets involved with woman who is fighting for the other side

Chronique des années de braise (Chronicle of the Burning Years; Chronicle of the Years of Fire) (1975)  --  the Algerian War as seen through the eyes of a peasant  (currently unavailable)

La vérité si je mens (1997) --  movie about the pieds-noirs community (non-Algerian émigrés from Algeria)

The Day of the Jackal  (1973)  --  1954-1962 De Gaulle and the Algerian War  Fred Zinneman 1973 Edward Fox

L'honneur d'un capitaine (A Captain's Honor) (1982)  --  widow tries to restore her husband's reputation from an accusation of using torture in the Algerian War  ($100)

Mon colonel (The Colonel) (2006)  --  a murder investigation reveals some terrible things about the Algerian War  ($41 for new DVD)

C'était pas la guerre (It Wasn't War) (2003)  --  the Algerian War for Independence seen through the eyes of a six year old

Un combat singulier (2004)  --  Algerian War

L'ennemi intime (Intimate Enemies) (2007)  --  story of a French platoon in the Algerian War  ($25)

Lumumba (2000)  TV  --  Patrice Emery Lumumba rises to power following independence for the Congo from Belgium

 Deserter (Simon: An English Legionnaire) (2002)  --  a young Englishman with romantic illusion joins the French Foreign Legion and fights in Algeria's battle for independence for France

L' Autre cote de la mer (The Other Shore) (1997)  --  a pied noir (Frenchman born & raised in N. Africa) visits France but will go back to Algeria even though the fight for that country's independence heats up

La Question (The Question) (1977)   --  here the word "question" is used as a euphemism for torture;  based on tortured Henri Alleg's small book about the French using torture on the Algerians

Des hommes et des dieux (Of Gods and Men) (2010)  --  tragedy of 8 French Christian monks caught in the religious violence in Algeria decide whether to leave or stay in the impoverished village






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