American Soldiers (2005) 



Director:  Sidney J. Fuire.

Starring:  Curtis Morgan (Spc. Tyler Jackson), Zan Calabretta (Sgt Delvecchio), Jordan Brown (Spec. Cohen, Doc), Eddie Della Siepe (Roy Pena), Rachael Ancheril (Nurse 2), Michael Belisaro (P.F.C. Johnson), Philippe Buckland (SPC Carver), Michael Challenor (Doctor #2), Shaun Garrett (Sgt. Ron Stalker), Ben Gilbank (PFC Aikens), Jesse Ryder Hughes (PFC Cooper), Jason Matheson, Brett Ryan (SPC. Romeo), Vince Salonia (Ahmed), Paul Sturino (Dowdy), Kevin Walker (Aide).

in the Iraq War American soldiers have to fight their way out of serious trouble


Spoiler Warning:  below is almost a complete summary of the entire movie.

This movie deals with American army soldiers of the 1st Cavalry trying to survive and get back to their home base without taking too many casualties.  I missed the first part of the movie so this will pick it up from where I started watching. 

April 12, 2004.  The American soldiers are hit from two different sides by RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades) and automatic weapon fire.  They have to retreat to a warehouse facility.  Sgt. Ron Stalker has been hit bad.  The medic tries to save Sgt. Stalker, but he dies.  The soldiers feel that they are trapped.  The general suggestion is that they should get untrapped as fast as possible.  They ask for help.  Troops from brigade have to come and get them.  But they soon learn that it is going to be a long wait. 

1015 hours.  All the soldiers get onto their trucks and come out shooting.  They get some very needed assistance from Lt. Ahmed and his men of the Iraqi police.  They are able to blast their way out.  At the police station, however, a suicide bomber detonates his explosives killing himself and a lot of Iraqi civilians.  The Americans take refuge in the Iraqi police station. 

1115 hours.  The Americans have suffered one killed in action and two wounded.  They contact the captain of the support column and learn that he is also under fire and will not be coming anytime soon.  The Americans think that someone called the Fedayeen in on them.  They soon learn that a policeman was the one who called the enemy.  They manage to kill the squealer, but are hit by the Fedayeen again.  The trucks are hit by three RPGs.  Sgt. Delvecchio who was already wounded gets hit again.  The Fedayeen grab Lt. Ahmed and throw him in the back of their pick-up truck, but Spc. Jackson is able to stop the Fedayeen using his pistol.  He kills the driver and the two gunmen watching the Lieutenant.  The Americans receive the very welcome news that they will be air-lifted out. 

1240 hours.  Lt. Ahmed stays behind as the Americans head out to secure a good landing area for the helicopter.  Just as they are still celebrating, the men learn that the extraction has been terminated.  The copter has been hit by an RPG.  As a matter of fact, the soldiers expecting rescue now have to come to the rescue of the downed helicopter.    

1325 hours.  They reach the copter only to find that it is completely destroyed.  The bodies of the badly charred crew are strewn around the area.  The Americans are once again hit by RPGs.  They have to jump off the trucks and fight the Fedayeen on the large open field where the helicopter crashed.  Help arrives.  The Ohio National Guard comes to the rescue.  They chase the Fedayeen off the field.  They then tell the 1st Cavalry that they will take them to their home base, but first they have to drop off some Iraqi prisoners at an American prison. 

1425 hours.  One of the Iraqi prisoners tells the Americans that "Allah wants you dead".

1445 hours.  They drop off the prisoners.  The men are shocked at what they see.  Most of the prisoners are very dehydrated.  Obviously the Geneva Convention rules have been thrown away here.  A guard working for the CIA takes one of their prisoners and starts beating the stuffing out of him.  Jackson is very upset about the injustice of the situation and decides to do something about it.  He tells his comrades that:  "We have a duty not to walk away".  The decision is made to take the prisoners back.  They use their weapons to force the CIA guards into the dog kennel holding pens.  The soldiers then load their prisoners on board their trucks and leave the prison area. 

1535 hours.  The soldiers are ambushed again.  This time they face mortar fire. The Americans are able to stop the attack.  They then saddle up again and head out. 

1640 hours.  The 1st Calvary medic is so disgusted, discouraged and overwhelmed by the number of men he has to treat that he tells his comrades that he wants to quit being a medic.  One of the trucks hits an IED (improvised explosive devise) in the road.  The American soldiers once again jump off their trucks.  They examine the truck that took the explosion and find that all the Iraqi prisoners are dead, as well as many members of the Ohio National Guard.  The 1st Cavalry soldiers are very upset.  Many feel that it would have better if the Iraqi prisoners had stayed in the prison and that the Ohio National Guard took a big hit because they came to their rescue.  One soldier comments that:  "Good intentions don't mean shit here."   The Lieutenant in charge of the Ohio soldiers is extremely upset.  He promised to bring his men back alive.  Now he wonders what he is going to tell not only his own soldiers, but the folks back in Ohio.  But they don't have too much time to grieve because they are soon hit by mortar fire.  They back the enemy off once again. 

1710 hours.  Here come the pick-up trucks again filled with enemy gunmen.  Spc. Jackson takes charge of the defense.  The skirmish begins.

1740 hours.  The Americans are out of ammunition, so they set an ambush for the Iraqis.   They hide behind a small ridge out-of-sight of the Iraqis.  When the firing from the Americans stops, the Fedayeen start to celebrate by yelling and firing their weapons into the air.  Meanwhile the Americans are pulling out their bayonets and other knives.  As the enemy comes to the top of the ridge, the Americans jump up and catch the Iraqis off-guard and are able to kill many of them.  The Ohio Lieutenant has been wounded. 

1800 hours.  The Americans are then hit by mortar fire.  Sgt. Delvecchio with his last bit of strength takes an RPG from an enemy dead and is able to take out the mortar position.  He is then killed by the enemy.  The Iraqis leave the area.

1820 hours.  The Americans pull out. 

1840 hours.  They arrive at their home base.

April 12, 2004.  The 1st Cavalry lost three men (Stalker, Delvecchio and Carver) and the Ohio National Guard lost eight men.


This is an o.k. action flick.  It is very much like Blackhawk Down, but not as good.  The American soldiers face a gauntlet of enemy soldiers who hit them numerous times in their attempts to get back to home base.  Given the number of times they were hit, it is simply amazing that the 1st Cavalry and the Ohio National Guard only lost eleven men dead.  (At times it seems downright unbelievable.)  If you like lots of action, the movie provides it.  Its action almost the entire length of the movie to the very end. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


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