American Hot Wax (1978)



Director:    Floyd Mutrux.

Starring:     Tim McIntire (Alan Freed), Fran Drescher (Sheryl), Jay Leno (Mookie), Laraine Newman (Teenage Louise), Carl Earl Weaver (The Chesterfield), Al Chalk (The Chesterfield), Sam Harkness (The Chesterfield), Arnold McCuller (The Chesterfield), Jeff Altman (Lennie Richfield), Moosie Drier (Artie Moress), John Lehne (District Attorney), Kenny Vane (Prof. La Plano), Chuck Berry (Himself), Jerry Lee Lewis (Himself).

Good picture about the early days of rock and roll, opposed by many as the devil's work or nigger music, with ground breaking radio D.J. Alan Freed being harassed by the authorities because of his playing rock and roll music.


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