Atlantik (1929)




Director:     Ewald Andr Dupont.

Starring:     Fritz Kortner (Heinrich Thomas, author),  Elsa Wagner (Anna, his wife),  Heinrich Schroth (Harry von Schroeder),  Julia Serda (Clara, his wife),  Elfriede Borodin (Betty, their daughter),  Lucie Mannheim (Monica, young married couple),  Francis Lederer (Peter, young married couple),  Willi Forst (Poldi),  Hermann Vallentin (Dr. Holtz),  Theodor Loos (Pastor Wagner),  Georg John (Wendt, Thomas' servant),  Philipp Manning (Von Oldenburg, Captain of 'Atlantic'),  Georg August Koch (Lersner, First Officer),  Syd Crossley (Marconi-Telegraphist).

fictionalized film about the Titanic




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