Attica (1980)



Director:    Marvin J. Chomsky.

Starring:    Henry Darrow (Herman Badillo), Charles Durning (Commissioner Russell Oswald), Joel Fabiani (Senator Gordon Conners), Morgan Freeman (Hap Richards), George Grizzard (Tom Wicker), David Harris (T. J.), Roger E. Mosley (Frank Green), Arlen Dean Snyder (Superintendant Vince Mancusi), Glynn Turman (Raymond Franklin), Anthony Zerbe (William Kunstler), Andrew Duncan (Lieutenant John Driscoll), William Flatley (Carl Dudley), Ron Foster (Leon Clay), Noble Lee Lester (Bobby Seale), Paul Lieber (Art Silver).

In 1971 the prisoner in Attica prison took over the institution.  What made this not just an ordinary prison riot were the times in which they occurred.  Many liberals and radicals saw this as a radical deed done by the oppressed resisting their cruel overlords.  There was a lot of rooting for the prisoners in liberal/radical circles. 

The reality, of course, was much more brutal.  Many prisoners killed their unpopular fellow prisoners. 

Then the topper came with an army of state troopers assaulting the prisoners, killing not only many prisoners, but quite a few prison staffers as well.  It was the worst assault of Americans on Americans since the civil war.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.









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