X  Helden sterben anders (Heroes Die Differently)  --  in the Battle of Sempach, 1386, young Arnold Winkelried turns the battle for the Swiss against Leopold III, Duke of Austria, by throwing himself on the spears of the enemy


Mihai Viteazul (aka Michael the Brave) (1970)  -- the king who united three provinces into Romania in the 17th century despite opposition from the Ottoman and Austrian Empires

Nemuritorii (The Immortals) (1974)  --  warriors of Romanian lord Mihai (1611) attacked by Turks while bringing the lord's battle flag back from Austria


Amadeus (1984) -- 1762, Mozart, musical genius

Mozart (a.k.a., Life and Loves of Mozart) (1956)  --  Mozart and his wife, his former mistress and his new mistress

Motsart i Salieri (Mozart and Salieri) (1962)



The Headsman (Shadow of the Sword) (2005)  --  16th century Tyrol, Austria; of two childhood friends one becomes a friar and the other an executioner, but both are involved in witch hunting

Amadeus (1984) -- 1762, Mozart, musical genius

Maria Theresia (1951)  --   (1717-1780) the Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Hungary and a Holy Roman Empress by marriage to Francis I; son Joseph II ; daughter Marie Antoinette  

Maria Theresia (1980)  --  ditto

Der große König (The Great King) (1942) – Nazi film glorifying Prussian King Friedrich II during the battle of Kunersdorf (Russians and Germans versus Austria)

Marie Antoinette (2006) 

Marie Antoinette (Shadow of the Guillotine) (1956)  -- Marie-Antoinette  

Marie Antoinette (1938)  --  daughter of Francis II of Austria; wife of Louis XVI

The Affair of the Necklace (2001)  --  with Hilary Swank

Le collier de la reine (The Queen’s Necklace) (1929) --  affair of the necklace reflects badly on innocent Marie Antoinette

L'autrichienne (1990) – last days of Queen Marie Antoinette

Der Herzog von Reichstadt (1931) – story of King Napoleon II, who ruled less than a month in 1815 (aka Herzog von Reichstadt), son of Napoleon I and second wife, Marie Louise of Austria

Ferdinando e Carolina (Ferdinando  and Carolina) (1999)  --  King Ferdinando I of Naples (reign 1816-1825) weds Mary Caroline of Austria, daughter of Empress Mary Theresa, in a political marriage

Viva l'Italia! (1961) --  about Giuseppe Garibaldi of Italian unification fame (director is Rossillini)

In nome del popolo sovrano (In the Name of the Sovereign People) (1990) – 1849, Ciceruacchio declares Independent Republic of Rome, but French & Austrians try to block it by bringing back the Pope to Rome

Szirmok, virágok, koszorúk (Flowers of Reverie) (1984) --  after Russians beat down the 1848-1849 Hungarian revolution, Hungarian soldier wrestles with his accepting a forced enrollment into the Austrian army

Senso (1968) --  Italy 1855, Austrian military occupation





Sissi (1955)  --  first of a trilogy about the Austrian princess Elizabeth (a.k.a., Sissi) who married Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria

Sissi - Die junge Kaiserin (Sissi: The Young Empress) (1956)  --  second of a trilogy about Austrian Empress Elizabeth (a.k.a., Sissi)

Sissi - Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin (Sissi: The Fateful Years of an Empress) (1957)  --  third of a trilogy about the Empress Elizabeth

Elisabeth Kaiserin von Österreich (1972)  --  Elizabeth married Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria in 1854

Friedrich III. '...gestorben als Kaiser' (1970)  –  German emperor in the Year of the Three Emperors, 1888

Mayerling (1936)  -- 1889, Austrian, Crown Prince Rudolph, son of Emperor Franz Joseph

Mayerling (1969) -- wants to marry Mary Vetsera even though he is already married

Kronprinz Rudolf (The Crown Prince) (2006)--  the woman Crown Prince Rudolph really wants to marry is not suitable according to his father and mother

Kronprinz Rudolfs letzte Liebe (Mayerling) (1956)  --  German movie about Crown Prince Rudolph

Der Engel mit der Posaune (The Angel with the Trumpet) (1948) – Austrian history from the late 19th century to post-World War II as seen in the fortunes of Vienna piano-makers

Chopin: Desire for Love (2000)  --  ditto above

Lisztomania (2000)  -- Hungarian composer Franz Liszt

Szerelmi álmok - Liszt (The Loves of Liszt) (1970) – Liszt in Russia

Lola Montes (1955)  -- love affairs with Liszt and King Ludwig I of Bavaria

Song without End (1960)  – Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt is involved in a romantic scandal with a married Russian princess

 Ludwig (1972) --Ludwig II, Mad King of Bavaria, friend of Wagner  & cousin of Sissi

X   Ludwig II: Glanz und Ende eines Königs (Mad Emperor: Ludwig II) (1955) –   Ludwig II (reign 1864-1886)

X  The Strauss Dynasty --  the family life and careers of musicians Johann Strauss and his son, Johan Strauss (the King of the Waltz, who died in 1899)



80 huszár (80 Hussars) (1978) – Hungarian revolution of 1848-1849

A Hídember (The Bridgeman) (2002)  --   story of Istvan Szechenyi, the nineteenth-century Hungarian revolutionary

Szabadságharc Szebenben (2007) – 1860s Hungary

A komáromi fiú (1987) – 19th century Hungry 


Assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand:

Fall of Eagles (1974) (TV miniseries)  --  fall of Habsburg, Hohenzollern and Romanov dynasties in WWI

De Mayerling a Sarajevo (From Mayerling to Sarajevo) (1940)  --  lead-up to the assassination of the Archduke Franz-Ferdinand and his wife

Sarajevski atentat (The Day that Shook the World) (1975)   -- events leading up to the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand

X   Sarajevski atentat (1972)  --  events leading up to the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand

Sarajevski atentat (1968)  --  events leading up to the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand

Gavre Princip - Himmel unter Steinen (Death of a Schoolboy) (1990) –assassin of Archduke Ferdinand

Weltuntergang (1984) – a local doctor is put in charge of the investigation into the assassinated of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie by Gabriel Princip

And the Ship Sails On  (1983)  --  Serbian war refugees

Carlston za Ognjenku (Tears for Sale) (2008) –  after WWI 2/3 of Serbian men were killed;  two sisters plan to kidnap some men 


Colonel Redl (1985)  --  Austrian-Hungarian Empire

Magyar rapszódia (Hungarian Rhapsody) (1979) – an examination of pre-revolutionary (pre-communist) Hungary around the time of World War I through the eyes of an aristocratic Captain that bonds with the peasants



The Sound of Music (1965) -- singing group escapes from Austria after Nazi takeover

Jump! (2007)  --  anti-Semitism in Austria leads to quick conviction of a young Jewish man for supposedly killing his father

Der Bockerer (The Butcher) (1981)  --  Viennese butcher doesn't like the Nazi occupation of Austria, says so and gets in trouble; acts like an idiot to survive

X  A Friendship in Vienna (1988)  -- two friends, one Gentile and one Jewish, are disturbed by Hitler's take-over of Austria






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