Das Beil von Wandsbek (Axe of Wandsbek) (1951)




Director:     Falk Harnack.

Starring:     Erwin Geschonneck (Albert Teetjen), Käthe Braun (Stine Teetjen), Gefion Helmke (Dr. Käthe Neumeier), Willy A. Kleinau (SS-Standartenführer Hans Peter Footh), Ursula Meissner (Annette Koldewy), Arthur Schröder (Dr. Koldewey), Claus Holm (SA-Sturmführer Trowe), Fritz Wisten (Siegfried Mengers), Maly Delschaft (Frau Lehmke), Helmuth Hinzelmann (Oberst Lintze), Blandine Ebinger (Frau Lintze), Gisela May (Arbeiterfrau).

anti-Hitler  movie by Jewish author about Altona Bloody Sunday riot, a SA march on July 17, 1932 that turned violent



Spoiler Warning:




Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 


Historical Background:


1932  --  Franz von Papen becomes the Chancellor of Germany.  He belonged to a group of close advisers to President Paul von Hindenburg in the late Weimar Republic (1919 to 1933). 

1932 (April)  --  the Franz von Papen government banned the fascist groups SA and SS [Sturmabteilung (SA) and Schutzstaffel (SS)].

As the fascists groups stronger, Papen's government had to follow a policy of appeasement to the Nazi Party.

1932 (June 28)  --  Papen's government lifts the ban on the SA and SS.  This lifting of the ban led to recurrent riots and open street fighting between Nazis and Communists.

1932 (July)  --  a SA and SS demonstration through the workers' quarter of Altona is approved by Social Democratic police president Otto Eggerstedt, despite warnings by the Communists.

1932 (July 17)  --  Altona Bloody Sunday.  A clash between the SA, SS, the police and the Communist Party in Altona..  The riots left 18 people killed, two of them being SA members. 

1932 (July 20)  --  Papen uses the riots as an excuse for his Prussian Coup.

1933 (May)  --the Nazi Party seizes power in Germany.  The 15 Communists who had been arrested for the riot are tried for murder. In addition to prison terms, four of the accused were sentenced to death.

1933 (August 1)  -- the four communists sentenced to death are beheaded..

1990s  --  the Federal Republic of Germany reversed these convictions, declaring the convicted men innocent.



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