Babe (1975)





Director:      Buzz Kulik.

Starring:      Susan Clark (Mildred 'Babe' Didrikson Zaharias), Alex Karras (George Zaharias), Slim Pickens (Colonel M.J. McCombs), Jeanette Nolan (Hannah Marie Didrikson), Ellen Geer (Lilly Didrikson), Ford Rainey (Dr. Tatum), Arch Johnson (Mr. Johnson), Stu Nahan (Sportscaster), Philip Bourneuf (Mr. Icely), Byron Morrow (Grantland Rice), Mickey Sholdar (Golf Pro), Meg Wyllie (Sister Tarsisis), Greg Mabrey (Jimmy), Kathleen Cody (Sue Ellen), Kathleen Hughes (Nancy Armitage).

This is the story of the great woman athlete Babe Didrickson Zaharias, who later became a golfer.  It is said that she rivaled the great Indian athlete Jim Thorpe in her mastery of nearly any sport.



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Historical Background:

1914  -- born in Port Arthur, Texas.

She begins her sports career as a basketball All-American.

1931  --  the Associated Press names her Woman Athlete of the Year.  (They do the same for the years 1945, 1946, 1947, 1950 and 1954.)

1932  -- she won two track and field gold medals at the Olympics.

She turns professional and tours the country exhibiting her track, swimming, tennis, and baseball skills.  

1935 --  she takes up golf at the suggestion of sportswriter Grantland Rice. She wins 82 tournaments in a 20-year career.

1938  -- she marries professional wrestler George Zaharias.

1945  -- she becomes the first woman to play in a men's tournament, the Los Angeles Open.

1946-1947  --  she wins 17 amateur tournaments in a row.

1950  -- an Associated Press poll votes her the outstanding woman athlete of the century.

1951  -- she is elected into the LPGA Hall of Fame.

1956  -- at the age of 42 she dies of cancer.


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