Baby Face Nelson (1957)




Director:    Don Siegel.

Starring:     Mickey Rooney ("Baby Face" Nelson), Carolyn Jones (Sue), Cedric Hardwicke (Doc Saunders), Christopher Dark (Jerry), Ted de Corsia (Rocca), Emile Meyer (Mac), Anthony Caruso (Hamilton), Leo Gordon (Dillinger), Dan Terranova (Miller), Jack Elam (Fatso), Dabbs Greer (Bonner), Robert Osterloh (Johnson), Dick Crockett (Powell), Thayer David (Connelly), Elisha Cook Jr. (Van Meter).

Story that little to do with the American gunman and bank robber noted for his vicious killings and youthful looks.



Spoiler Warning:





Historical Background:


Baby Face Nelson

1908  --  born Lester Gillis, Chicago, Ill., U.S.

The petty criminal Nelson graduates into labor racketeering.  

1929-31  -- he works for Al Capone and other bootleg bosses, but even they have to let him go because he was just too violent.

Starts robbing banks.

1934  -- joins John Dillinger on two bank robberies. Listed as Public Enemy Number One by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

1934, Nov. 27  -- he is killed in a wild shoot-out with FBI agents near Fox River Grove, Ill.




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