Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)




Director:     John Sturges.

Starring:     Spencer Tracy (John J. Macreedy), Robert Ryan (Reno Smith), Anne Francis (Liz Wirth), Dean Jagger (Tim Horn), Walter Brennan (Doc Velie), John Ericson (Pete Wirth), Ernest Borgnine (Coley Trimble), Lee Marvin (Hector David), Russell Collins (Mr. Hastings), Walter Sande (Sam).





Excellent Film.  Shortly after the end of World War II, Spencer Tracey gets off the train in the desert town of Black Rock  -- the first time in four years anyone has detrained at this place. Tracey suddenly finds himself in a very hostile environment with the town citizens constantly harassing him. All Tracey wants to do is find a Japanese-American by the name of Komoko.  

Of course we have a strong inkling of some terrible thing that may have happened in the town but we do not know any of the details and we do not know if Tracey will ever get out of the town alive.  The suspense lasts throughout the movie, keeping one always involved.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.








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