Badlands (1973)



Director:    Terrence Malick.

Starring:     Martin Sheen (Kit), Sissy Spacek (Holly), Warren Oates (Father), Ramon Bieri (Cato), Alan Vint (Deputy), Gary Littlejohn (Sheriff), John Carter (Rich Man), Bryan Montgomery (Boy), Gail Threlkeld (Girl), Charles Fitzpatrick (Clerk), Howard Ragsdale (Boss), John Womack Jr. (Trooper), Dona Baldwin (Maid), Ben Bravo (Gas Attendant).

Based on the 1950s "teenage" murder spree of 25 year old Charles Starkweather and his naive 15 year old passenger Carol Ann Fugate.



Sheen portrays the murderer who wants to leave his mark on history with his string of cold-blooded killings.  The impact of the horror is minimized some by the character's humor, but in some respects maximized also because of the ease with which the killer takes the lives of others. Spacek catches the naive essence the naive teenage girl, who treats much of the murder spree as somewhat romantic.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



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