Battle of the Bulge (1965)




Director:     Ken Annakin.

Starring:     Henry Fonda (Lt. Col. Kiley), Robert Shaw (Col. Hessler), Robert Ryan (Gen. Grey), Dana Andrews (Col. Pritchard), George Montgomery (Sgt. Duquesne), Ty Hardin (Schumacher), Pier Angeli (Louise), Barbara Werle (Elena), Charles Bronson (Wolenski), Werner Peters (Gen. Kohler), Hans Christian Blech (Conrad), James MacArthur (Lt. Weaver), Telly Savalas (Guffy), Karl Otto Alberty (Von Diepel), William Conrad (Narrator).


Interesting, good story of the overconfidence of the Allies as they approach the France/Germany border.  The Allies now figured that the war was close to being over and they could go home by Christmas.  Instead of being vigilant, they planned to send special Christmas dinner to the troops in the field.

But Hitler was about to wake them out of their complacency.  He decided to send his troops up the middle between Montgomery in the north and Patton in the south.  So the Germans waited for overcast weather (which would ground the Allied air planes) and when it came they started out for the port of Antwerp with supplies for 50 hours of combat.  They were very low on fuel but they planned to pick up fuel from the fleeing Allies.  

Henry Fonda plays the role of an intelligence officer trying to alert the commanders to a coming German counterattack.  Robert Shaw does an excellent job as the German commander Hessler.  


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.








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