Battleground (1949)




Director:     William Wellman.

Starring:    Van Johnson (Holley), John Hodiak (Jarvess), Ricardo Montalban (Roderigues), George Murphy ('Pop' Stazak), Marshall Thompson (Jim Layton), Jerome Courtland (Abner Spudler), Don Taylor (Standiferd), Bruce Cowling (Wolowicz), James Whitmore (Kinnie), Douglas Fowley ('Kipp' Kippton), Leon Ames (The Chaplain), Herbert Anderson (Hansan), Thomas E. Breen (Doc), Denise Darcel (Denise), Richard Jaeckel (Bettis), James Arness (Garby), Scotty Beckett (William J. Hooper), Brett King (Lt. Teiss).

Dramatization of the battle of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, the German counteroffensive that took the Allies by surprise.  General McAuliffe replied "Nuts" to the German's demand for an American surrender.



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