Bauhaus - Broken Wings (2006)




Director:     .

Starring:     Emily Alford (Theatre Group), James Barrows (Theatre Instructor), John Bobek (Jack Porter), Pieter-Jan Boucquaert (Protesting Student), Rich Boyd (Poster Boy), Erika Bradley (Theatre Group), Lincon Cain (SA Officer), Richard DeGuilio (Vladimir Saraev), Martin Grassberger (SA Officer), Vincent Grayson (Heiner), Christina Heinz (Lady), Jerry Hoffman (Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe), Stefan Kollmuss (Obersturmführer Meier), Michelle Medici (Girl By The Wall), Mirjam Novak (Ellen Schuster).

Short film: 22 minutes.

March 23rd 1933, students at the Bauhaus School for Arts and Architecture try to save their art from the Nazis



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