Billy Bathgate (1991)




Director:    Robert Benton

Starring:     Dustin Hoffman (Dutch Schultz), Nicole Kidman (Drew Preston), Loren Dean (Billy Bathgate), Bruce Willis (Bo Weinberg), Steven Hill (Otto Berman), Steve Buscemi (Irving), Billy Jaye (Mickey), John Costelloe (Lulu), Timothy Jerome (Dixie Davis), Stanley Tucci (Lucky Luciano), Mike Starr (Julie Martin), Katherine Houghton (Charlotte), Rachel York (Embassy Club Singer), Moira Kelly (Becky).

Based on  and E. L. Doctorow novel.  A young fellow hooks up with gangster Dutch Schultz. American gangster of the 1920s and '30s who ran bootlegging and other rackets in New York City.



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Historical Background:


Dutch Schultz

1902  --  born Arthur Flegenheimer in the Bronx, N.Y., U.S.  He takes the alias from an old-time Bronx gangster.

Becomes involved with burglaries and bootlegging; owns breweries and speakeasies and runs policy rackets in the Bronx and parts of Manhattan. His gang engaged in a number of bloody gang wars.

1933 --   is acquitted of a charge of income-tax fraud; in hiding out for months prior to the trial, he loses much of his business to his New York rivals. From Newark, N.J., he tries to rebuild his New York rackets but becomes the target of New York special prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey.

1935, October --  comes up with the idiotic idea of assassinating Dewey; he foolishly tells gangster Albert Anastasia and other mobsters.

1935, Oct. 23  -- The New York crime bosses fear the possibility of unwanted publicity because of a possible knock-off of Dewey and so they have New York gunmen Charles Workman and Emmanuel "Mendy" Weiss riddle Schultz and three of his bodyguards with bullets in a Newark restaurant.




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