Boat People (1983)




Director:    Ann Hui.

Starring:      Lam Chi-Cheung, Season Ma, Lau Tak Wah, Cora Miao, Paul Ching.

Country: represents the Hong Kong New Wave of the early '80s.

Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Picture, Director, and Screenplay.


The story about the plight of the Vietnamese peasants shortly after the fall of Saigon. A Japanese photojournalist heads to Danang to see the government touted rebuilding efforts. When he is able to get out on his own, away from the government officials, he sees the situation in a different light, mainly through the eyes of a young peasant girl and her family. They, as others, live in terror of marauding soldiers and children have to scavenge in order to survive.

Many Vietnamese tried to escape from the aftermath of war through crowding onto boats and heading out to sea in search of refuge; hence the name, boat people.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.







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