Bodyguards and Assassins (2009) 





Director:     Teddy Chan.

Starring:     Xueqi Wang (Li Yue-Tang), Tony Leung Ka Fai (Prof. Chen Xiao-Bai), Jun Hu (Yan Xiao-Guo), Bo-Chieh Wang (Li Chung-Guang), Nicholas Tse (Ah Si), Donnie Yen (Sum Chung-Yang), Bingbing Fan (Yuet-yu), Yuchun Li (Fang Hong), Mengke Bateer (Wang Fu-Ming), Leon Lai (Prince Lau Luk-Yak), Eric Tsang (Detective Smith), Cung Le (Yan Xiao-Guo's henchman #1), Hanyu Zhang (Sun Yat-Sen), Simon Yam (General Fang Tian), Jacky Cheung (Prof. Yang Quyun).

events in Hong Kong near the end of the Qing Dynasty that led to the Wuchang Uprising



Spoiler Warning:

Professor Yang talks to his students about how he truly believes in democracy and would like to see a people's republic in China.  He adds that he may not see this happen in his lifetime, but his students will.  All of a sudden a bullet from an assassin hits the professor.  The students scream out for their professor and carry him. 

"Yang Qu-yun, the former leader of the Revive China Society was gunned down on October 1st, 1901.  It was the first political assassination in Hong Kong's history.  Hong Kong was once a British colony, a haven for political exiles and revolutionaries.  After the assassination of Yang darkness loomed over Hong Kong.  On October 1st, 1906 Sun Yat-sen, aka Sun Wen, left Tokyo on a perilous journey to Hong Kong."

The Forbidden City, Beijing.  Her Exalted Majesty is told that the traitor Sun Wen left for Hong Kong yesterday.  She says then Sun Wen should not leave Hong Kong alive.  Summon General Yan Xiao-guo. 

China/Hong Kong Border.  Yan Xiao-guo shows his entry permit to a guard.  The guard asks him what is the purpose of his visit?  The man says he wants to visit ancestral graves.  He is waved through.  As Yan Xiao-guo passes a policeman, named Shen, he turns around and gives the policeman a document and tells the guard that he wants the guard to follow this man named in the document.  It is Mr. Chen, former Hong Kong Chair of the United League of China.

In civilian clothes and on a bike, the guard Shen follows Chen's movements.  Chen notices the man on a bike following him. 

A worker shouts out to the people that the young man is going to go to a Western college.  To celebrate each person can take a small bag of rice with them.  Master Li Yu-tang greets his son,Li Chung-Guang, and tells him he's going to a Western college and should wear a Western suit.

In public the Master is congratulated on his son's acceptance to a Western college.  Chen arrives and a servant tells him that he's a bit late.  A man comments that Chong-guang will be the first Chinese Taipan.  [A taipan is foreigner who is head of a business in China or Hong Kong.]  The boy will be going to Yale University, in Connecticut, USA. 

Chong-guang rushes over to see Mr. Chen.  Mr. Chen looks him over and says his look is not bad, but the queue [pigtail] looks a bit odd with the suit.  Chong-guang just wants to see his present Chen has brought him.  It's a book in English by Sun Yat-sen entitled:  Kidnapped in London: Being the Story of My Capture by, Detention at and Release From the Chinese Legation, London

Mr. Shi is introduced to a Burmese tycoon, Mr. Deng You-lin.  Mr. Shi Mi-fu is Hong Kong's Chief of Police. 

The policeman on Chen's trail climbed up a tree to gain access to the mansion.  He looks around for Chen who is talking with Yu-tang.  Chen tells his old friend that Sun Wen in nearly here!  He's coming here to meet with the United League delegates from the thirteen provinces.  He is the man who can unite the various factions and from that he will launch a mass rebellion within the next few years!  Huang Xing and Sung Jiao-ren are coming too.  Chen adds that the revolution will begin right here with just the two of us.  Yu-tang asks how much will it cost him?  The answer is 3,000 Hong Kong dollars. 

Li's daughter spots the suspicious-looking man, Shen, and goes up to see what he is doing here?  The policeman knows he's been spotted.  He goes to a room wherein is a little girl.  He goes past her and jumps out of the window to get away.  The woman comes into the room and looks out the window at the policeman and he, in turn, looks at her.  The woman does not cry out.  She simply closes the shutters. 

The policeman still follows Chen around.  Chen goes into a building to tell General Fang that the time of arrival of Dr. Sun will be at 9 a.m. on the 15th at Star Ferry Pier.  The General says he needs to know who's leading the Qing assassins and how many assassins are there.  At the moment Chen doesn't know, but he says our comrades in Guangzhou will do their best to find out.  The Qing court wants to assassinate Dr. Sun at all costs.  Chen says he is really relying on General Fang and the men with him as their only defense.  The General says that he and his men have waited for this day for a long time.  He goes on to say that after Cixi, the Empress Dowager, placed the Emperor under house arrest at the end of the Hundred Days Reform back in 1898, the Qing mounted a witch hunt.  He led 300 brothers out of Tientsin to escape.  Only 30 of the men survived.  "As long as Cixi remains in power, we will fight to restore our honor."

After Chen leaves, the General tells his comrades that in four days their time has come!  They will fight to the death. 

The General's daughter overheard the little speech and she confronts her father in semi-private.  She asks:  why did they come to Hong Kong and why is her mother dead?  How come she can't go to school?  Over the last six years they have lived in fifteen different towns and she's not going to run again!  Dad says:  "One day we will return home to Tientsin and never run again."   She calls him a liar and leaves. 

Kowloon Walled City.  The last Chinese enclave in British-ruled Hong Kong.  The man who had the policeman tail Chen, Yan Xiao-Guo, says to his men:  "The day I received the Imperial decree, I cried.  My prayers were finally answered after years of disgrace and humiliation.  Thank the heavens for giving me the chance to fight for my country."  He tells his men to drink a cup of wine in a toast:  "Death to the traitor.  Long live the empire!"

Four days before Sun's arrival.  The policeman Shen gets extra pay, but it is dropped on the ground for him to pick up.  They ask him where did Chen go?  He went to Li Yu-tang's house, then to the Bao Sheng Theater.  The policeman says:  "If I get paid, I'll do anything."  The fellow then goes gambling with his money. 

Master Yu-tang and his family are ready to eat their dinner, except that Chong-guang is not here.  Mother says he is upstairs studying.  Father goes upstairs to talk to his scholar.  A rickshaw driver, A-si, warns the son.  Actually, the son was reading the book by Sun Yat-sen.  Father reminds his son that tomorrow it is his late mother's birthday. 

There is a protest in the streets and the police are trying to stop it.  A leader of the protests shouts out:  "Brothers and sisters!  Fellow citizens of Hong Kong!  Not far to the north our fellow countrymen are suffering under the corrupt and dying Qing Empire.  My fellow countrymen. The Chinese United League was founded in Tokyo to overthrow the corrupt Qing regime and bring democracy to China.  Support democracy!  Support Dr. Sun!" Chong-guang is among the protesters.  Mr. Chen sees him and goes after the young man.  Father also sees him.  He grabs him by the hand and says they are going home.  The son says he won't forsake his country.  Dad raises his cane and brings it down, but not on his son, for the rick-shaw driver puts himself in front of Chong-guang and takes the blow to the back of the driver's head.  Father asks his driver if he has turned against him as well?  The driver says that the son has grown-up now.  He then tells the son to get out of here.  Chong-guang slips through the crowd which then presents the father with a virtual brick wall of resistance to the father pursuing the son.

Father goes to Chen demanding to know if he knew that his son was part of the rioting in the streets?  And how dare he give his son these revolutionary books?   He throws some books on a table.  He continues, saying he doesn't care how Chen wastes the money he donates, but how could Chen get his son so involved in this revolutionary endeavor?  He goes on to say he's a businessman and his son will also be a businessman.   He starts to march out of the newspaper room.  Chen shouts:  "No, you're a rebel.  The day you donated your first cent to this cause of ours, you became a rebel!  You even hired me to be your son's teacher!"  Maybe so, says Yu-gang, but don't ever call his son a rebel:  "I won't allow it!"

Three days before Sun's arrival. Two tough guys wait for the policeman spy in his apartment.  They slap him around a little bit and then ask him if he did what they told him to do?  The policeman responds:  "There will be no police at the theater."

Chen gets an important telegraph.  He immediately runs over to the theater to see General Fang.  He says the leader of the assassins is Yan Xiao-guo and the man is now hiding out at the Walled City!  The General says:  "It's too late!"  He brings Chen over to his daughter and tells her to protect Mr. Chen.  Just then ninja type assassins break through the glass ceiling.  As they drop down, they throw acid on the General's men.  Chen runs for his life as the fight is on.  The General hides his daughter from the assassins.  He then goes outside to help Chen.  He kills one or more of the assassins. Now he's up against four assassins at once.  He holds them off for awhile, but he gets wounded in three places on his body.  He falls down dead. 

When everything is quiet, the General's daughter awakens from her unconsciousness.  She goes to check on her father and sees the bodies laid out in front of the theater.  She tells the police that she needs to find her father!  Her name is Fang Hong! She looks at the bodies until she finds her father.  She cries over her father.  In his clenched fist she finds someone's cut-off finger.  Li Yu-tang comes looking for his son's body amidst the dead bodies.  He finds a pen marked with the words:  "Revive China Sun Wen".  The rick-shaw driver A-si tells his master that he can't find Mr. Chen among the dead. 

At the offices of the China Daily, Li Yu-tang reads through a letter written by Mr. Chen about the importance of the coming visit by Sun Wen.  The offices of Mr. Chen's newspaper are raided.  The Chief of Police has ordered the China Daily to be shut down immediately for publishing propaganda, inciting civil unrest and disturbing the peace!  Li Yu-tang gets knocked to the ground.  The police and the students start fighting each other.  Then the Chief of Police steps forward and everyone stops fighting.  Li Yu-tang asks the Chief what is going on?  "You beat up my staff and destroyed the press."  The Chief says he warned Li Yu-tang against meddling in these matters.  The Qing court will do anything to eliminate Sun Wen.  He adds:  "My British superiors ordered us not to interfere!"  So he says shut down the press!

Li Yu-tang complains that last night at the Geo Sheng theater, more than 30 people were killed.  And Chen Xiao-bai is still missing!  How could the Chief of Police let this happen?  The Chief repeats that he warned Yu-tang and he is closing the press.  Yu-tang says they will get out the news of the coming of Sun Wen even if they have to do it by hand.  Yu-tang's son watches his father in action and gets a smile on his face in admiration of his father's brave stance. 

Dad looks over the bloodied heads of young men who are now being treated for their wounds. 

Integrity and selflessness.  Li Yu-tang produces a newspaper.  The headline is:  "Resistance leader Dr. Sun Wen due to arrive in Hong Kong October 15th.  Hong Kong government intervenes."  Yu-tang speaks to all of his newspaper staff saying that within three years there will be a revolution that will shake China to its very core.  That revolution now begins right here.  And he says he, Li Yu-tang, swears to lead them through this endeavor. 

Two days before Sun's arrival.  Li Yu-tang approaches Master Liu, who is homeless and lives on the streets.  He has brought Liu one of his family's heirlooms.  Liu asks him what does Li want in return?  Li wants Master Liu to protect someone the day after tomorrow.  Liu tells him to give him the hardest task.

The next man Yu-tang recruits is a big giant of a man.  The man is very willing to help Yu-tang because he was there when Yu-tang stood up to the Chief of Police. 

The policeman spy sees the woman whose house he broke into while tailing Mr. Chen.  He turns and starts walking away.  She runs after him and jumps in front of him.  She asks him why did he sneak into her house the other day?  After all, the two of them went their separate ways long ago.  She then tells him not to bother her or her family ever again. 

A-si tells his boss that he wants to help guard Dr. Sun Wen too.  So Master Li agrees to let him help.  A-si is happy about that.  Then he asks a favor of his master.  He wants him to propose to the photographer's daughter. The master says yes.  Then, he really surprises A-si, by telling him to turn the rickshaw around and they will go see the photographer now.  So the photographer and his daughter both get a surprise when Mr. Li wants to discuss a marriage proposal with the father.  The young lady in named A-chun.  Her father says his daughter would love to join Master Li's household.  A-chun gets up to get some tea for their guests and Master Li feels so bad for her because she has the bound feet that handicap so many Chinese women. 

The Li's have a big family dinner.  Dad asks his son to please stay inside for the next three days as it will be dangerous outside.  His son promises to stay inside. 

Mr. Chen is being held in a cell.  Yan Xiao-guo, a former student of the professor, comes to see him.  He brings some food for the captive. Chen asks him if this is his last meal. Yan says of course, not.  Chen was one of his teachers and he was taught to respect his teachers.  He is keeping Chen a prisoner because he doesn't want Chen ruining his plans.  Chen gets into a political argument with Yan.  He says that China needs a democratic republic.  But, of course, he can't win Yan over to his perspective.  Yan says that the professor is weak and his approach would ruin a weakened China .  He says he will not kill Chen, but he does not ever want to see him again.  He now leaves the cell. 

Fang Hong comes to see Master Li.  She says she needs 100 silver coins to bury her father and his men.  Li tells his assistant to bring the money.  Fang Hong now says she's hungry.  So Li lets her eat at the table.  She says she wants to see Chen, because her father died fighting for him.  Li says no one knows where Chen is.  He adds that Chen went to ask her father for help.  The young woman says:  "My dad's duty is now mine." 

9 a.m. tomorrow Dr. Sun Wen will arrive on shore. There will be around a thousand people at the pier.  The assassins can easily hide among that many people.  So the doctor's guard must be on high alert at all times.  The doctor will make three stops:  the Yashuito Society, Mrs. Sun's residence and China Daily.

About the arrival of Sun Wen, a British official tells the Chief of Police that matters beyond Queen's Road are of no concern to the British.  "Keep one eye open.  Close the other."

One day before Sun's arrival.  A-si asks his wife-to-be to read him the book that is a favorite of the Master's son.  She starts reading the book to him.  One passage is:  "After 260 years of foreign rule and years of autocratic rulers, China is in decline.  The Manchurian regime is corrupt and oppressive.  . . .  We need to gather our courage to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, and establish a true democratic nation." 

Mr. Chen escapes his imprisonment. 

Li Yu-tang receives a box from the Chief of Police.  Inside is a pistol.  His daughter sees the pistol and senses that her father is in danger. 

The daughter of Li Yu-tang comes into the dirty apartment of the policeman and tells him that she needs his help.  The policeman, Shen Chong-yang, says he'll do it, but Mrs. Li must pay him.  Li says that she wants him to be a bodyguard for her father.  Shen tells her to get out!  He won't help her father.  Now the daughter says that her father is raising Shen's baby.  She reminds him that they were together for eight years, a time in which Shen constantly gambled but she stayed with him.  When she became pregnant, she wanted something better for her child.  She had to find a good man who could be a good father and raise a child.  She pulls him over to the balcony and says that's your daughter down there.  She leaves. 

Shen runs after the rick-shaws.  He wants to take a good look at his daughter.  Li's daughter tells her driver to stop.  He looks at his daughter and she smiles at him.  Now Li's daughter tells her driver to go.

Shen goes to one of the thugs that pays Shen for the little jobs he does for the organization.  The thug shouts at Shen that he was supposed to have stolen a pistol from the police station.  Where is the gun?  The thug flashes the money in Shen's face and then throws it in his face.  He now is going to give Shen a good beating, but, instead, Shen really gives the guy a sound beating. 

Li Yu-tang returns home.  Just after his arrival, Mr. Chen comes staggering in.  Li is very happy to see the man, but also sees that Chen has a nasty wound in his left side.  He fixes up some natural medicines for Chen, while Chen tells him that there's been a change in the plans.  They need a decoy to ensure the safety of Dr. Sun.  Li says that he won't use one of their men to be a decoy.  Chen stresses that they are up against an invisible army. "And real revolution is about blood and sacrifice!"  Li tells Chen that's enough talk.  He then turns and gives his pistol to Chen. 

Chen talks to the volunteer group of bodyguards.  He says they will draw lots to determine who will pose as a decoy to save the live of Dr. Sun Wen.  "You will need to stall them for one hour.  . . . The fate of 400 million countrymen will be decided in that one hour." 

The fellow who draws the decoy lot is none other than Li's own son.  Chen says they will draw lots again, but the son demands to be the decoy.  Chen explains to the son that he promised the father not to let his son be involved in this.  He wasn't even supposed to have been here.  So, the son says, if Chen wants to draw lots again, he must explain the situation to all the volunteer bodyguards.   Chen gets so mad that he grabs a stick to hit the son, but the crowd stops Chen who goes down on the ground.  He hugs the son and cries that he just cannot let this happen.

Master Liu gives himself a shave and a hair trim.  He looks very different. 

Shen sits atop part of the Li roof and looks down on his daughter at play. 

The thugs get a rifle from another policeman and pay him for it.  The rifle is then given to Yan Xiao-Guo

The bodyguards take their positions in the streets to watch for possible assassins.  A huge ship arrives in port.  Sun Wen with a few of his men come out on the pier to welcome Sun Wen.  Sun Wen is put in the rick-shaw of A-si.  He takes off running.  Yan Xiao-Guo keeps a lookout from the second floor of a building near the pier.  He sees there are four rick-shaws in the convoy.  Some of the bodyguards now travel with the convoy looking out for the assassins. 

They reach an area where it looks like someone is signaling the arrival of the convoy.  Someone goes up on the roof and takes the signal man out, but the assassination attempt begins anyway.  There are numerous assassins with crossbows who lean out of second story windows and fire their darts at the convoy.  The bodyguards go into the buildings to get the assassins.  Fang Hong goes in and there also is the policeman Shen who knocks out an assassin.  The big giant knocks two assassins out by throwing heavy objects at them from his position on the street.   He then knocks out two more men by hitting the assassins in their heads with what looks like honeydew melons.  The giant is stabbed multiple times by a whole crowd of street assassins. 

Master Li gets ready to go to receive Sun Wen at the pier.  One of his staff says that they were told that the Master was not going out today.  Li looks at the clocks in his home and sees that they have been tampered with.  Then he discovers his own pocket watch was tampered with and the time set back.  He is shocked at this turn of events. 

The convoy makes it through the first group of assassins, but they are afraid there will be more assassins up ahead.  They were right to be worried because another large group of assassins charge them, while ninja-type assassins drop from the buildings above them.  Believe it or not, the giant is still alive.  He arrives on the scene and starts knocking the assassins to the ground.  He then tells the driver to go on.  He also shouts to A-si  that his real name is Wang Fu-ming (and not Stinky Tofu).  Like Samson, he tears down the main support for a huge display and the display falls on the heads of the group of ninjas.  The ninjas who survive now waste time making sure they kill the giant.  

Wang Fu-ming, born in Zhengzhou, Henan, 1878.  Deceased 1906.

The convoy arrives at it's destination.  Policeman Shen takes out the lone gunman with the police rifle. 

Li Chung-Guang calls A-si over to him.  A-si tells the Master not to play the decoy.  Li says it has to be done.  This involves the future of their country.  He now asks if A-si will go with him to the final end?  A-si continues to beg him not to do this, but Li just pushes him forward.  The decoy takes his place in A-si's rick-shaw and the convoy begins again. 

Father Li arrives just as the decoy convoy goes by.  Fang Hong is attacked by an assassin.  She defends herself so well that the assassin runs away.  Father Li runs after the convoy.  Policeman Shen jumps from roof top to roof top trying to keep up with the convoy.  Fang Hong finds a place where barrels full of gunpowder will be exploded to destroy the convoy.   She fights three men to try to prevent their exploding the huge bomb.  One of the bombers stabs Fang Hong with a long spear. The bomb fuse is set off and the bomb is going to be rolled into the street, but Fang Hong gets ahead of them and closes the outer door on them. She then puts a chain on the door.  As she holds the doors closed, the bomb goes off. 

Fang Hong, born in Jinghai, Tientsin, 1890.  Deceased 1906. 

Two policemen arrive and are going to arrest the men in the convoy for possibly being involved in the bomb explosion.  The policeman who provided the rifle for the assassination comes forward and tells the other two policemen to leave.  They won't leave, so he takes out a pistol and shoots each of the two policemen in the head.  He turns to go after Sun Wen (actually, the decoy), but is killed by a lone assassin, who possibly changed sides or just made a mistake.  Yan gives an order to have that assassin killed, but now the Chief of Police and his men arrive on the scene.  He sees the assassins lined up along the buildings ahead.  He offers Li Yu-tang a police escort and tells him to move.  The convoy starts moving.  The Chief of Police rides along with the walking Li Yu-tang. 

While all this action is happening, Dr. Sun Wen is able to accomplish most of the tasks he needed to accomplish. 

One of the thugs catches up with the lone assassin, which turns out to be policeman Shen.  A big fight erupts between them in the middle of the street.  Shen tries to run away from the thug, but the thug pursues him through the streets of Hong Kong.  The thug catches up with Shen and the fight begins again.  It looks like Shen is going to die, but he grabs the thug's foot and twists it so hard that the thug falls on the street hitting his head on a piece of wood.  Then Shen dominates the rest of the fight.  He kicks the thug through a shop window and into the shop.  End of fight. 

Not the end of the fight.  Somehow, strangely, without explanation (?), Shen ends up in the mess of the store created when the thug was knocked through the store window.  He gets up and grabs his daughter's doll that he had picked up after his daughter had dropped it in the street.  Then the thug suddenly has a sudden burst of energy and throws off all the debris from his body, stands up straight, grabs a big vase and throws it at Shen.  The vase explodes on contact with Shen's head and Shen goes down.  The thug picks up a hook to stab Shen with, but Sean gets a part of the broken vase with a sharp surface and manages to cut the throat of the thug. 

Now the police escort, under British orders, has to leave the convoy.  There are, however, more assassins on the street and they start following the convoy.  And now the convoy reaches a dead end.  There is only one hope for them.  That is Master Liu who stands in front of the convoy. Chen gives the order for the convoy to run now!  They start running.  They run past Master Liu, who now awaits the assassins.  He will fight the assassins with his family heirloom, a metal fan that folds up. 

The convoy staff runs to the Sun Wen house.  The hope is that Master Liu can hold off the assassins for fifteen more minutes.

Li Chung-Guang gets to talk with the mother of Sun Wen.  Li is only 17 years old.  He gets a case of the shakes and Mrs. Sun takes hold of one of his hands to steady him.

Master Liu is wounded but continues to fight.  He is stabbed many times, but kills all the assassins.  Now the only one left is Yan Xiao-Guo himself

Now the meeting is over and the secret tunnel is used for everyone to get out of the Sun house. 

Yan just pushes past Master Liu, but Liu still strikes at Yan's back.  Yan gets furious and he slashes Liu with his sword over and over again.  Just before he dies, Yan imagines he sees the woman he loved. 

Liu Yu-bai, born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, 1871.  Deceased 1906. 

The convoy staff gets to their rick-shaws and they take off running again.  Li Yu-tang tries to stop his son from going, but he trips and falls.  He gets up and starts to follow the convoy.  He is stopped by Shen, who tells Li to take this doll to his daughter, Nianci.  Then Shen sees Yan come racing down the street on a horse.  He tells Li to just go now.  He waits for Yan.  As the horse approaches Shen rams his body into the front of the horse.  Shen is send sailing down the street, while Yan sails high up and lands on his feet.

Shen Chong-yang, place and date of birth unknown.  Deceased 1906.

Yan chases after the convoy and catches up with it.  He turns over the last rick-shaw in the convoy.  The bodyguards attack Yan but he is too big and strong for them.  Yan then throws a bamboo pole through the rick-shaw that the young Li is riding it.  It goes through the back of the rick-shaw cover and through the body of the rick-shaw driver.  The pole just missed the decoy Li.  A-si shouts to Chen to get moving, so Chen pushes off the body of the dead rickshaw-driver and takes over pulling the rick-shaw.  A-si now tries to take on Yan.  Yan throws the light-weight A-si around like a Raggedy Ann doll.  But when Yan starts to pursue the last rick-shaw left, A-si grabs onto his leg.  Now Yan has to keep hitting A-si to force him to let go of his leg, but A-si takes the blows and keeps holding on.  Eventually, Yan has to pick up A-si and break his neck to get him off his leg for good. 

Deng Si-di, born in Xiangshan, Guangdong, 1884.  Deceased 1906. 

Sun Wen  says to a small group of men:  "Ten years ago, Qu-yun and I discussed the 'revolution'.  And I said:  'Revolution will bring prosperity to 400 million countrymen, and put an end to hunger and poverty.'  Ten years have passed.  I have seen many comrades sacrifice their lives.  My exile ended, here I am again.  Revolution no longer has the same meaning for me.  Today if you asked me, 'What is revolution?', I would say, 'Progress means sacrifice. The new road is paved with blood.  That blood is revolution.  I am in your debt.' "

Sun Wen now leaves the meeting.

Mr. Chen runs right into Yan.  He tells Yan that Sun Wen is finished and gone by now.  Yan comes forward and Chen starts moving back.  He suddenly falls on the steps and loses control over the rick-shaw.  Yan jumps over the prostrate Chen and chases after the rick-shaw which is bounding down the long stair ways.  The young Li drops his pistol amid all the bounding.  His rick-shaw finally turns over.  Chen keeps yelling to Yan:  "He's not Sun Wen!"  Chen has lost his broken glasses.  He finds the pistol and starts to shoot at Yan, but he misses him on the first two shots.  Yan is killing the young Li with a stake. On his fourth shot Chen hits Yan.  The big man says:  "Your student has fulfilled his duty to his country!"  He dies.  Mr. Chen drops to his knees and cries.  Father Li arrives and checks on his son.  The boy is dead.  Li cries over the body of his son. 

Li Chong-guang, born in Taiyuan, Shanxi, 1889.  Deceased 1906.

Dr. Sun Wen stands on the deck of the big ship. 


May , 1907.  Huanggang Uprising.

June, 1907.  Huizhou Uprising. 

September, 1907.  Fancheng Uprising. 

December 1907.  Friendship Gate Uprising. 

March, 1908.  Qinzhou Uprising.

April, 1908.  Yunan Uprising.

February, 1910.  Guangzhou Uprising.

April, 1911.  Huanghuagang Uprising.

On October 10th, 1911 the Wuchang Uprising ended with the success of the "Xinhai Revolution" that finally toppled the Qing Dynasty. 


Good movie with a simple plot.  One of the founders of the Chinese Republic, Dr. Sun Yat-sen (aka Sun Wen),  is coming to Hong Kong to confer with representatives from all over China on the subject of the need for a revolution.  The job of businessman and revolutionary supporter Li Yu-tang is to provide protection for the famous revolutionary.  The Qing Dynasty wants Sun Wen to be eliminated at any cost.  They will send a small army of assassins to make sure Sun Wen is killed.  Li Yu-tang only has a small group of bodyguards, all untrained as bodyguards, to protect Sun Wen.  The bodyguards have to fight through a long gauntlet of assassins with a decoy substituting for Sun Wen.  So the film is filled with action.  There's lots of killing in this film. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.




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