The Bounty (1984)




Director:    Roger Donaldson

Starring:     Mel Gibson (Fletcher Christian Master's Mate),  Anthony Hopkins (Lieutenant William Bligh),  Laurence Olivier (Admiral Hood),  Edward Fox (Captain Greetham),  Daniel Day-Lewis (John Fryer),  Bernard Hill (William Cole), Liam Neeson (Seaman Charles Churchill),  Wi Kuki Kaa (King Tynah),  Tevaite Vernette (Mauatua),  Philip Martin Brown (Seaman John Adams),  Simon Chandler (David Nelson), Malcolm Terris (Dr. John Huggan),  Simon Adams (Thomas Heywood),  John Sessions (John Smith).

Maybe the truth does not always make the better movie, but this movie at least is closer to the true situation.  In search of the bread fruit plant, Captain Bligh apparently gave his crewmen a little too much freedom on Tahiti and they became too attached to the young ladies and the lifestyle of Tahiti.    



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For Historical Background see the review for the 1935 version of the movie.




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