The Boxer (1997)



Director:  Jim Sheridan

Starring:  Daniel Day-Lewis (Danny Flynn), Emily Watson (Maggie), Brian Cox (Joe Hamill), Ken Stott (Ike Weir), Gerard McSorley (Harry), Eleanor Methven (Patsy), Ciaran Fitzgerald (Liam), Kenneth Cranham (Matt MaGuire).

Countries:  U.S. Irish film



Our boxer hero (Daniel Day-Lewis) has been recently released from prison after 14 years for being involved with the IRA.  He wants to stay out of the IRA and Northern Irish problems, but this is virtually impossible to do.  Emily Watson is his old 14 year old sweetheart who is now unhappily married to a political prisoner.  

The movie was filmed in Dublin, not Belfast.


This movie illustrates the saying that in civil rights struggles between a badly treated minority and a favored majority, everyone is a victim.  In a way, the story is like Romeo and Juliet where no one wants the two lovers to get together and do what they can to prevent it.  Those who are opposed to the union are the woman's father (because it is too dangerous) and her son (who does not want her to separate from his biological father); the fanatical local leader of the IRA (who hates any peacemaker); and the boxer's coach (who thinks his student will be assassinated).  But can these opponents stop the course to true love? 

My wife and I enjoyed the movie very much.  

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

P.S.  If you have trouble with the Irish dialect, use the English captions option. 




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