Hosszú vágta (Brady's Escape) (1984)




Director:     .

Starring:     John Savage (J.W. Brady), Kelly Reno (Miki), Ildikó Bánsági (Klara), László Mensáros (Dr. Josef Dussek), Ferenc Bács (Wortmann), Djoko Rosic (Csorba), László Horváth (Moro), Mátyás Usztics (Swede), Zoltán Sárközy (Strauss), Sándor Halmágyi (Barbar), István Jeney (Interpreter), Zoltán Vadász (Sarkany), Tibor Kenderesi (Istvan Varlu), David Morgan (B-17 crewman), Pat Elliott (Lt. Michael Benson).

airman Brady shot down in WWIII over the Hungarian Plateau who is hidden by the local people  (in English)



Spoiler Warning:

On  ranch in Wyoming, a boy's horse is dying.  He yells for his grandfather to come quick.  The horse is over 30 years old.  Grandfather J. W. Brady sends the boy away and shoots the old horse.

It's WWII and J. W. Brady is in the air force flying planes.  He tells his men to bail out of the plane.  He and his co-pilot jump out.  And now here comes the plane down to earth.  It explodes in a ball of fire.  A boy working on a farm sees the plane crash. 

Brady lands and is okay.  He finds his co-pilot in a pond.  The fellow says he's hurt bad. Brady pulls him out of the pond.  Some farmers from the area on horseback watch the two airmen.  One of the ranchers asks if they are English or American airmen?  Another rancher says it doesn't really matter.  "They are bombing us."  Brady has a pistol in his hand, but he throws it on the lake shore.  He asks for a doctor.  To another farmer, the older man says in Hungarian to go to Debrecen and bring the doctor here.  [Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest. It is east of Budapest.]

Meanwhile, the Germans are investigating the burning wreck of a plane.  They want to know if anyone has caught the pilots yet?  No.

The ranchers and Brady pick up the parachutes and then take the two airmen to their ranch.  There the doctor bandages the wounds of Brady's fellow crewman.  The doctor introduces himself as Dr. Josef Dussek to Brady and Brady says he is Captain Brady.  He says the wounded man is Lt. Michael Benson.  The doctor tells Brady that they are in Hungary and the Germans are their allies.  Hungary is occupied by the Germans. 

Outside Brady asks the nurse what are Benson's chances of survival?  She tells him that they need to get him to a hospital to take care of his wounds. 

Two German vehicles are approaching the ranch.  The ranchers take Benson out into the stacked hay areas to hide the airman.  Brady is given some ranch clothes to wear.

The Germans arrive and the soldiers start searching for the airmen.  The officer in charge tells the farmer to let the barking dogs out.  The farmer says the dogs are killers and have to stay locked up.  So the officer goes over to the small building where the dogs are and shoots them to death.  Of course, the rancher is very upset about this.  Brady goes over to the horses and jumps on one.  He pushes the horses out of the corral and slips away from the ranch along with the horses. 

Later a rancher comes out and finds Brady hiding.  He tells him he can come back because the Germans have gone now. 

They start transporting Benson to a hospital, but along the way, the airman dies.  They bury his body on the ranch. 

Brady works with the ranchers.  He breaks in one of the horses and they let that horse be Brady's horse.  Brady and the youngster Miki go out riding together. 

Brady starts to learn Hungarian with the help of the nurse.

A Gestapo agent named Strauss checks on the nurse as she is driven in a carriage to see Brady.  He says he is only concerned for the nurse's protection.  She says she's late and asks if she can go.  Strauss lets her go. 

The nurse tells Brady that she is being observed by the Gestapo.  She says from now on she will only come at night.  The nurse also urges Brady to change his hiding place.  He says, if there's any risk to the nurse, he doesn't want her to come back here. 

The Germans have the family of ranchers come to another ranch.  There they have a captured Russian pilot.  And they have the badly beaten rancher who sheltered the pilot.  The commander says to the head of the family, let this be a lesson to him and his family.  In other words, this could happen to the head of the family. 

Brady gets a note from Miss Klara, the nurse.  She sets up a meeting in another village.  Miki uses a boat to row Brady across a lake.  She teaches Brady some more Hungarian. 

Strauss and the commandant don't like each other much.  They are together at Miki's ranch.  The commandant tells Strauss that the head of the family is a liar.  He wants all the farms in the area checked.  Strauss says he just wants the commandant to known that Strauss' instincts are much better than those of any of his soldiers. 

Miki asks Brady about the USA and Wyoming, where Brady comes from.  He then asks if he could go to the USA with Brady.  The American asks how would his family feel about his leaving Hungary?  Miki says both his parents are dead. 

Brady continues working with his horse teaching her lots of tricks. 

Klara tells Brady that he must leave for Tokai tomorrow.  There he has to look for a man named Istvan Varlu.  Brady asks:  No more lessons?  Klara asks him if he is not happy about going?  Brady says yes and no.  They hug each other.  She asks him to stay here and Brady answers that he will come back. 

Miki takes Brady to Istvan Varlu, who tells Miki that the Germans have blocked off the pass. Brady cannot get to the Russians now.  But, there is another way to get out.  In one of the cellars is a radio transmitter  He can put Brady in touch with Tito's partisans in Yugoslavia. 

It's going to be a long journey for Brady.  He'll get papers from the doctor.  He then has to get to Szeged, close to northern Serbia, by train.  Klara will travel with him as his wife.  A man will be waiting on the other side of the Tisza River carrying a birdcage.  He'll take Brady to the partisans.    He must get there within a week. 

Miki and Brady take a ferry across the river. 

At the train station, Brady waits for Klara.  Klara shows up and goes to buy two tickets to Szeged.  The Gestapo is there and they grab Klara.  They put her on the train, but they capture Brady and hold him.  They take him to their car.  Miki sees this and comes riding over with his horse and Brady's horse.  He uses his whip to slash the face of one of the Gestapo men and Brady jerks away from other agent.  They go riding off from the train station.  The agents get in their car and chase after the horses.  So Brady takes off on a tangent.  The agents follow Brady.  The shooting starts and one of the agents is mortally wounded.  Then Brady shoots the agent with the slashed face right in the forehead and he collapses.

He now tells Miki to go back home and tell the old man that it's time for Brady to leave.  Brady takes off on his horse.  The ranchers throw the car into the ditch and they bury the two agents.

The Germans find the car in the ditch.  The doctor and the head of the ranch family are beaten up and asked for information about Brady.  So far, they have said nothing useful to the Gestapo.  But there's a messenger boy being interrogated with a knife to his throat.  He says that the doctor had him bring the messages back and forth.  And Csorba and the Csikosh hid the American.   Brady is out on the puszta (the steppe).  The Gestapo says they will have Brady within 24 hours and then all of them will meet before a firing squad. 

The Germans use the messenger to yell out for Brady, saying he has a message for Brady from the doctor.  Brady, on his horse, comes closer and the messenger starts running away.  The German driver shoots the messenger down and then the commandant wounds Brady in the left arm.  He falls from his horse.  He accidentally drops his pistol. 

The horse comes back for Brady.  He gets the horse to lay down on the round and then gets on the horse as he rises up again.  The Germans try to pursue him, but their car gets bogged down in the mud of the marsh.   

Brady lays his horse down again to hide from the commandant, who is searching for him.  Brady reaches for his pistol, but it's not there.  The commandant searches for Brady, but can't find him.  Now he sends his horse back to the ranch.  Miki and another rancher follow the horse back to Brady. 

They find Brady, patch up his wound and put him back on his horse.  He and Miki go off together headed for Yugoslavia.  Later Miki catches a pheasant for dinner. 

The next morning the Germans return with lots of soldiers.  A rancher warns the others and they get on their horses and get out of the area.  The soldiers shoot one rancher down, then another.  And now the next one goes down.  The head of the family lashes his whip around the commandant's neck and drags him for awhile behind his horse until the soldiers shoot the rancher off his horse. 

At a village Brady and Miki are told that the Hungarians are retreating and looking for soldiers.  A woman tells them that the Russians have crossed the border. 

The Hungarian soldiers come into the village and they start grabbing all the horses.  They take Brady's horse away.  Brady and Miki look until they find the horse.  They take the horse out from a box car on a train.  Brady takes off with his horse.  Miki, however, is captured by the Gestapo. 

Brady returns at night with a German military hat on his head.  He rescues Miki from a box car.  The two guys ride off on Brady's horse.  They come to a bridge guarded by German soldiers.  The guards see the two fellows and take after them on a motorcycle.  They fire at the two men on a horse and a bullet hits Miki.  Brady doesn't realize what's happened until Miki flops off the back of the horse and onto the ground.  Brady curses that they are just about there.  Brady picks him up and starts carrying him through a swampy area.   Miki awakens and tells Brady to go on by himself.  He will stay here.  Brady won't abandon him.  Their horse shows them the way across the river.  Russian soldiers are there on the other side to help them, but Miki dies.   Brady cries out for poor Miki. 


Good movie.  An American pilot, named Brady, and another airman, named Benson, parachute from a crashing airplane in WWII German occupied Hungary.  They are picked up by some ranchers and hidden.  Poor Benson doesn't survive.  Brady does survive and he comes to really like living on the ranch.  Brady is originally from Wyoming.  And he really gets attached to a nurse named Klara and a boy named Miki.  These two friends go way beyond their duty to help Brady escape.  But escape from the Gestapo and the German soldiers is certainly not going to be easy, and Brady and the two friends have to go through some pretty harrowing challenges for Brady to escape. 

John Savage ( as J.W. Brady) and Kelly Reno (as Miki) were both very good in their parts. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 



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