Bugsy (1991)




Director: Barry Levinson.

Starring:    Warren Beatty (Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel), Annette Bening (Virginia Hill), Harvey Keitel (Mickey Cohen), Ben Kingsley (Meyer Lansky), Elliott Gould (Harry Greenberg), Joe Mantegna (George Raft), Richard Sarafian (Jack Dragna), Bebe Neuwirth (Countess di Frasso), Giancarlo Scandiuzzi (Count di Frasso), Wendy Phillips (Esta Siegel), Stefanie Mason (Millicent Siegel), Kimberly McCullough (Barbara Siegel), Andy Romano (Del Webb), Robert Beltran (Alejandro), Bill Graham (Charlie Luciano), Lewis Van Bergen (Joey Adonis), Joseph Roman (Moe Sedway), James Toback (Gus Greenbaum), Don Carrara (Vito Genovese), Carmine Caridi (Frank Costello).

Good movie about New York and California gangster who was the U.S. crime syndicate's initial developer of Las Vegas gambling.


Spoiler Warning:



Historical Background:

Bugsy Siegel

1906  --  born Benjamin Siegel in Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.  Begins his career extorting money from Jewish pushcart peddlers on New York's Lower East Side.

1918  --  teams up with Meyer Lansky and involved with car theft, bootlegging and gambling rackets in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.  He and Lansky also run a murder-for-hire operation, the forerunner of Murder, Inc.

1931 --  one of the four executioners of Joe "the Boss" Masseria.

1937 --  the syndicate leaders send him to the West Coast to develop rackets there. Develops gambling dens, gambling ships offshore the 12-mile limit, narcotics smuggling, blackmail, and other illegal enterprises.

1945 --  begins realizing his dream of a gambling oasis that eventually became Las Vegas. He builds the Flamingo Hotel and Casino much of it skimmed syndicate funds from the East. His girlfriend is the beautiful Virginia Hill.

1947, June 20  -- angered by Bugsy's cheating them, Lansky and other eastern bosses, have him killed at his palatial Beverly Hills home.  A fusillade of bullets fired through his living-room window brought his life to an end. At almost the same moment, three of Lansky's henchmen walk into the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas and declare they are taking over.


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