Kyan Sit Min (King Kyan Sit) (2005)   -- Burmese film based on Kyanzittha, the 43rd king of the Pagan dynasty of Burma (Myanmar) from 1084 to 1112


Tamnaan somdet phra Naresuan maharat: Phaak prakaat itsaraphaap (The Legend of Naresuan: Declaration in Independence) (2007)  -- the war for the independence of Siam (Thailand) from Burma



World War II:

Never so Few (1959)  --  Kichan guerilla war against the Japanese in Burma

Flying Tigers (1942) -- fighting the Japanese in Burma and China

Bombs Over Burma (1942) -- devoted woman risks life for sake of China on espionage mission on the Burma Road

Burma Convoy (Halfway to Shanghai) (1941)  --  getting critical supplies through to China via the Burma Road

Orde Wingate (1976)  --  play-like movie about commander Orde Wingate who became a Zionist during foreign service in Palestine and developed guerrilla tactics used by the Israelis; leads strikes into Burma in WWII

Merrill's Marauders (1962) Brig. Gen. Frank Merrill, battling Japanese in Burmese jungle

Objective, Burma! (1945) --  WWII Brits invade Burma

Biruma no tategoto (Burmese Harp) (1956)  --  Brits have to attack Japanese forces in Burma as late as July, 1945

X  Yesterday's Enemy  --  British unit takes a Burmese village recently controlled by the Japanese; to get info from the villagers, the commander orders two of them to be executed; he rationalizes his actions by saying at least he's not as bad as the Japanese



Beyond Rangoon (1995)  --  American tourist gets caught up in the repression of the military dictatorship in Burma