Capote (2005)





Starring:     Allie Mickelson (Laura Kinney), Kelci Stephenson (Nancy Clutter), Philip Seymour Hoffman(Truman Capote), Craig Archibald (Christopher), Bronwen Coleman (Barbara), Kate Shindle (Rose), David Wilson Barnes (Grayson), Michael J. Burg (Williams), Catherine Keener (Nelle Harper Lee), Kwesi Ameyaw (Porter), Andrew Farago (Car Rental Agent), Ken Krotowich (Courthouse Guard), Chris Cooper (Alvin Dewey), R.D. Reid (Roy Church), Rob McLaughlin (Harold Nye).




This is a very good movie.  Whereas In Cold Blood presented the tale of the gruesome murders of a Kansas farming family, this movie presents much of the same material, but from the viewpoint of the writer of the book In Cold Blood, Truman Capote. 

Phillip Seymour Hoffman did a superior job as the famous writer.

Highly recommended.










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