Chunuk Bair (1997)




Director:     Dale G. Bradley.

Starring:      Robert Powell (Sgt. Maj. Frank Smith),   Kevin J. Wilson (Connolly),  Jed Brophy (Pvt. Fred South),  John Leigh (Porky),  Murray Keane (Smiler),  Danny Mulheron (Bassett),  Richard Hanna (Lt. Harkness),  Lewis Rowe (Johnston),  Norman Forsey (Hamilton),  Darryl Beattie (Scruffy),  John Wraight (Mac),  Peter Kaa (Otaki George),  Stephen Ure (Holy),  Tim Bray (Lofty),  Donald Holder (Nobby).

a New Zealand film about the Wellington Regiment of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force at Gallipoli



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