Cobb (1994)





Director:     Ron Shelton.

Starring:     Tommy Lee Jones (Ty Cobb), Robert Wuhl (Al Stump), Lolita Davidovich (Ramona), Ned Bellamy (Ray), Scott Burkholder (Jimmy), Allan Malamud (Mud), Bill Caplan (Bill), Jeff Fellenzer (Sportswriter), Doug Krikorian (Sportswriter), Gavin Smith (Sportsman's Lounge Bartender), Lou Myers (Willie), William Utay (Jameson), J. Kenneth Campbell (William Herschel Cobb), Rhoda Griffis (Amanda Chitwood Cobb), Tyler Logan Cobb (Young Ty).



Ty Cobb may have been one of the greatest baseball players ever to play the game, but he certainly was no "role model," except for possibly someone in the K.K.K.  This Georgia boy certainly was no peach.  Cobb was just plain-down mean, sliding into bases with cleats first so he could intimidate and harm the infielders.  He seems also to have been some what of a sadist with a deep abiding hatred of black people.  

Ty Cobb (Tommy Lee Jones) tells his life stories unashamedly to a sports writer (Robert Wuhl) and then the writer tells the stories to his poker buddies. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.









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