In Cold Blood (1967)



Director:     Richard Brooks.

Starring:     Robert Blake (Perry Smith), Scott Wilson (Dick Hickock), John Forsythe (Alvin Dewey), Paul Stewart (Reporter), Gerald S. O'Loughlin (Harold Nye), Jeff Corey (Hickock's Father), John Gallaudet (Roy Church), James Flavin (Clarence Duntz), Charles McGraw (Smith's Father), Jim Lantz (Officer Rohleder), Will Geer (Prosecuting Attorney), John McLiam (Herbert Clutter), Ruth Storey (Bonnie Clutter), Brenda Currin (Nancy Clutter), Paul Hough (Kenyon Clutter), Vaughn Taylor ("Good Samaritan"), Duke Hobbie (Young Reporter), Sheldon Allman (Rev. Post), Sammy Thurman (Mr. Smith), Sadie Truitt (Herself), Myrtle Clare (Herself).



This movie is very good.  The famous writer Truman Capote ("Breakfast at Tiffanys") engaged in the journalistic novel (like Norman Mailer).  This story is based on actual events, a murder of a family in Kansas, and Capote catches the atmosphere perfectly.  The black and white cinematography actually adds to the suspense.  

Excellent as a story of murder, looking into the minds and characters of the two criminals.  There was a very strange relationship between the two criminals.  Capote describes what in statistics they call an "interaction" of variables.  One person alone probably would not have committed the heinous crimes, but together the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts: the one who can kill but doesn't want to and the one who can't kill but wants to come together and there is an explosion of brutality.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.







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