Colditz (1972-1974) 






Starring:     David McCallum (Flt. Lt. Simon Carter), Richard Heffer (Capt. Tim Downing), Paul Chapman (Capt. George Brent), Jack Hedley (Lt. Col. John Preston), Bernard Hepton (Kommandant), Hans Meyer (Hauptmann Franz Ulmann), Christopher Neame (Lt. Dick Player), Robert Wagner (Flt. Lt. Phil Carrington), Edward Hardwicke (Capt. Pat Grant), Anthony Valentine (Major Horst Mohn).

2 DVD set TV series about 3 men escaping from a WWII prison camp; 2 are caught 1, goes home; Jack is placed in Colditz, a supposed escape-proof camp; meanwhile Nick goes home but is manipulated into working for M19.




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