Comanche  (1956)




Director:     George Sherman.

Starring:     Dana Andrews (Jim Read),  Kent Smith (Quanah Parker),   Nestor Paiva (Puffer),  Henry Brandon (Black Cloud),  Stacy Harris (Downey),  John Litel (General Nelson A. Miles),  Lowell Gilmore (Commissioner Ward),  Mike Mazurki (Flat Mouth), Tony Carbalja (Little Snake),  Linda Cristal (Margarita),  Reed Sherman (Lieutenant French).

Indian scout Jim Read tries to Quanah Parker to stop raids into Mexico, while talking about peace with the Americans


Quanah Parker (c. 1845 or 1852 February 23, 1911).  The US appointed him chief of the entire Comanche nation  after the Comanche had settled on the reservation in Indian Territory.  His father was Comanche of the band Noconis and his mother was a captured-at- 9-years-of-age Scots-Irish woman.  Quanah was born in the Wichita Mountains of southwestern Oklahoma.  He was the last leader of the powerful Quahadi band.  He raided into the Panhandle of Texas and this led to the Red River War.  The result of this conflict was a decisive Army victory in the Battle of Palo Duro Canyon.  He later became a wealthy rancher and influential person.  He had eight wives and 25 children.  






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