Combat Shock  (1984)




Director:     .

Starring:     Rick Giovinazzo (Frankie Dunlan), Veronica Stork (Cathy Dunlan), Mitch Maglio (Paco - Gang Leader), Asaph Livni (Labo - Gang Member), Nick Nasta (Morbe - Gang Member), Michael Tierno (Mike - Junkie), Arthur Saunders (Pimp), Lori Labar (Lead Prostitute / Vietnamese Woman), Jim Cooney (Interogating GI), Ray Pinero (Welfare Worker), Leo Lunney (Frankie's Father), Eddie Pepitone (Terry - Strung-Out Junkie), Martin Blank (Doctor), Bob Mireau (Security Guard), Tom Desantis (Man Behind Frankie).

a Vietnam vet starts losing his grip on reality



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