Come See the Paradise (1990)



Director:      Alan Parker

Starring:      Dennis Quaid (Jack McGurn), Tamlyn Tomita (Lily Yuriko Kawamura / McGann), Sab Shimono (Hiroshi Kawamura), Shizuko Hoshi (Mrs. Kawamura), Stan Egi (Charlie Kawamura), Ronald Yamamoto (Harry Kawamura), Akemi Nishino (Dulcie Kawamura), Naomi Nakano (Joyce Kawamura), Brady Tsurutani (Frankie Kawamura), Elizabeth Gilliam (Younger Mini McGann), Shyree Mezick (Middle Mini McGann), Caroline Junko King (Older Mini McGann), Pruitt Taylor Vince (Augie Farrell), Colm Meaney (Gerry McGurn), Becky Ann Baker (Marge McGurn).



Spoiler Warning:

Union organizer on the run Jack McGurn gets a job in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. He falls in love with his employer's beautiful daughter Lily.  The couple want to marry but the father opposes the marriage and California law prohibits mixed-race marriages.

The couple moves to Seattle, wed, settle down and have a daughter. They have a falling out and Lily returns to Los Angeles.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps. Lily and her family are sent to such a camp.  Jack is drafted into the Army, but soon goes AWOL to find his wife and child.  









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