The Company (2007)





Director:     Mikael Salomon.  

Starring:     Chris O'Donnell (Jack McCauliffe), Alfred Molina ( Harvey Torriti), Michael Keaton ( James Angleton), Rory Cochrane (Yevgeny Tsipin), Alessandro Nivola ( Leo Kritzky), Tom Hollander ( Adrian Philby), Kristin Booth ( Adelle Sweet Kritsky), Ted Atherton ( Frank Wisner), Stephen Bogaert (Elliott Ebbitt III), Rick Roberts ( William Colby), Mike Turner (Manny Ebbitt), Alexandra Maria Lara ( Lili), Ulrich Thomsen (Starik Zhilov), JB Blanc (Manuel Piniero), Hristo Mitzkov (Vanka Borisov), Cedric Smith (Allen Dulles), Barry Flatman (Philip Sweet), Péter Rudolf (Fallen Angel), Gábor Nagypál (CIA Associate Sweet Jesus, Berlin), Zoltán Berzsenyi (Nikita Khruschev), László Konter (Yevgeny's father Tsipin), Natascha McElhone ( Elizabet), Levente Törköly (Constantine Vishnevsky), Misel Maticevic (Arpad Zelk), Berndt Von Bömches ( Prof. Ernst Loffler).

TV mini-series.

traces CIA activities over a 40-year period, from the beginning of the Cold War through the demise of the Soviet Union



Spoiler Warning:


Part 1.

Berlin, Germany. Two CIA agents have been waiting in the hotel room for another fellow for 20 minutes.  Jack McCauliffe asks Harvey Torriti, what are they doing here?  Harvey says:  We're here because the Goths are at  the damned gate, and somebody has to mind the God damned gate.  Another man sticks his head in and says that Sweet Jesus doesn't see anybody down on the streets.  The man finally shows up.  His names is Constantine Vishnevsky.  Harvey tells Vishnevsky that's it going to be hard to get him and his family out of East Germany.  And what Vishnevsky has to offer is gettable elsewhere.  Vishnevsky says he could give them a Soviet agent working with British intelligence, MI6.  The problem is that Vishnevsky doesn't know the agent's name, but he does know the precise date the agent was debriefed in Stockholm, Sweden and the day of the debriefing in Zurich, Switzerland.  Furthermore, Vishnevsky has a recording with the man's voice on it. 

At the agency, wise Jim Angleton will be working on the Sorcerer's project (code name for Jack and Harvey's project).  An agent named Adrian Philby pays Jim a visit.  Adrian is intrigued about a possible Soviet spy in MI6. 

Flashback:  Four years earlier at New Haven, Connecticut, the home of Yale.  Leo Kritzky and Jack McCauliffe help row the sculling team to a victory.  They are all excited about their win.  An ex-coach of their's comes over to the two fellows and tells them that he has a good proposition for them. 

At night Leo and Jack meet with students Stella and a Russian named Yevgeny Tsipin to toast their goodbyes to each other. 

A CIA manager speaks to the group of new recruits and Leo and Jack are in the group.  The manager says the CIA is working against the threat to the very existence of Western Civilization.  The two friends meet another Yale recruit, Elliott Ebbitt III. 

Back to the present.  Harvey and Leo have to make a quick escape because the KGB has just arrived at the hotel.  In order to make a get away, they shoot the two military men with what turns out to be the KGB agent.  They then knock the agent out.  Harvey says CIA and KGB don't shoot each other. 

Harvey is really mad because Vishnevsky most likely will be executed with a bullet to the back of his head and his family will spend the rest of their lives in a labor camp.  Harvey wants to know how did the KGB know about this?  He says the Russians know more about their job than the Americans do.  Harvey already knows what's wrong.  They have a damn mole!

Moscow 1954.  A man and his grown son are at a funeral.  They run into a family friend, Pavel Zhilov.  The son is Yevgeny Tsipin who came home for his mother's funeral from New Haven where he was in college at Yale.  Yevgeny now learns that Pavel (or Starik) is a general in the KGB.  And the young man's father was a spy who worked for Starik.  And now, Starik asks if Yevgeny will be a spy like his father was?  Yevgeny agrees to be a spy. 

Washington, D.C.  Jack tells Leo that somebody tipped the KGB off about the Vishnevsky case.  Leo says Mother (Jim) isn't convinced that there is a leak, and, if there is a leak, it's coming from the Berlin side.  Later, Leo attends a meeting and Jim says again  that the leak is most likely coming from the Berlin side.  When Harvey hears this, he gets mad, but he does shout out that he will find the leak. 

Soviet Sector, Berlin.  Jack is being followed.  He loses the two men by going into Luna Park and then into the House of Mirrors.  He slips out of the House of Mirrors without the two men seeing his exit.  Now free of the tail, Jack goes to see a ballerina at practice.  Lili gives Jack a note to give to his boss to see if the boss believes that the group she is with is worth it.  Lili speaks of the professor, but says she will never divulge who the professor is. 

Jack shows the note to Harvey.  He looks at the note and tells Jack that Lili has sent them messages from East German higher-ups and their Soviet bosses in Moscow.  He then says that they cracked the code.  He's very happy about that.

Harvey tells Jack that he wants to find out all about this Lili and then find out about the professor. 

KGB Headquarters.  Yevgeny goes through lots of different types of training at headquarters.  He meets a pretty brunette named Azalia Ivanova. They become boyfriend and girl friend.

Jack really likes Lili. He invites her to a ballet show.  She says she will not show up. 

Azalia tells Yevgeny that her parents just disappeared in 1941, so she is compiling a list of those who have disappeared:  Jews, Gypsies, undesirables.  She says Stalin was worse than Hitler.  Yevgeny tells her: "A list like that could get you killed, Azalia."   He also tells her that he is going away for a very long time.  That upsets Azalia. 

Jack waits for Lili and Lili does show up for the ballet.  She reminds Jack that if he tries to get too close to her or the professor, he will never see her again.  When Lili leaves Jack, she is followed by an American agent.  This leads to Lili's real name, Helga Agnes Mittag de la Fuente.  The professor is named Ernst Loffler, and he teaches theoretical physics at the Humboldt Institute.  So, the next step is to bug the professor's apartment. 

The Kremlin, Moscow.  Pavel doesn't like Yevgeny going out with a girl and this one is a Jewish girl.  Yevgeny says he loves Azalia.  Pavel says that the young man must make some sacrifices and be a soldier and a man.    Yevgeny has sex with his girl, but early in the morning, he gets up and leaves. 

Washington, D. C.  Yevgeny goes to Kahn's liquor store and tells the man that he's Eugene Dobson.  The man let's Yevgeny in. 

Jack goes to get a note from Lili.  She tells him why she cannot leave the professor.  She was raped by the Russian soldiers when she was 15 and the professor showed her the joys of living on.  Lili says the professor can't survive without her.  Jack tells her he wants to take her away with him. 

Tel Aviv, Israel.  Harvey talks with a Mossad agent.  Harvey talks about a leak and wonders if it could be coming from Israel.  The agent, a rabbi, tells Harvey to head for the source, the British.  Go to London. 

London, England.  Harvey talks with agent Elihu.  He asks him if he is wired and Elihu says, afraid so.  Harvey gives the man a memo and says he wants it released today.  He wants to send the memo with information about a real, ongoing American operation, to a prime suspect and see if the information gets leaked.  Elihu doesn't like the assignment, because it might affect his retirement coming up. They may want Elihu to stay on longer at the job. 

Harvey warns Jack not to fall in love with Lili. Harvey gets a phone call and then goes to meet a person of interest.  He goes into a church.  A woman hands him a letter and says she wants the money, $25,000 dollars, tomorrow night at the church.  Jack is the taxi driver that dropped Harvey off.  As Harvey starts to come out of the church, he tells Jack through a talking device that if anything's going to happen it will be when he comes out from the church.   And sure enough, a man does try to kill Harvey, but another agent shoots down the assassin.  Then the police arrive and Harvey tells his man to kill the fake police.  The job is done.  Driving away from the church, Harvey tells Jack that now he definitely knows the name of the mole. 

Georgetown, Washington, D. C.  Jack's friend Leo is Jewish and he wants to marry an Anglo-Saxon protestant.  The father of the girl gives Leo a hard time, but he does give his consent. 

Yevgeny gets a letter from Starik.  He gets his instructions along with the letter.  Yevgeny contacts a woman who says she will tell him how and where to deliver items to someone called Parsifal. 

Yevgeny picks up a parcel and drops off a parcel.  The drop-off is to Adrian Philby.  Philby tells Yevgeny that Harvey (code name the Sorcerer) may be onto him already. 

Lili is absent for awhile.  When she returns to her ballet practice, Jack grabs her and chews her out for just disappearing without telling him.  She explains that she had to go to Dresden for a funeral because the professor's brother died.  The two have sex together. 

Yevgeny makes another pick up. 

American Sector, Berlin.  Jack is having a quiet drink at a bar in a night club.  A fellow, named Vanka Borisov, recognizes Jack and comes over to greet him.  He says they met at the European crew championships, Munich, Germany.  Borisov tries to bribe Jack for some key information.  Jack leaves the bar. 

Elihu gives a report to Harvey.  He says to Harvey that he is right that there is a mole in MI6.  Harvey gives another memo to Elihu to send out to the target subject to make double-sure that they have the right guy.  Again Elihu doesn't like the job assignment. 

Starik has photos of agent Jack on his desk. 

Arlington, Virginia.  Harvey comes to see Jim.  Harvey says he's going after Adrian Philby because the man blew the Vishnevsky defection.  He's a Soviet spy, and has been since the early 30's.  Jim says that Harvey is only going to make a fool of himself. 

Yevgeny calls Azalia.  He says he misses her and longs to be with her, but can't tell her anything. She begs him to tell her where he is, and Yevgeny says he's in America.

Jack attends Leo's wedding.  He sees Leo off on his honeymoon. Jack will soon be flying back to Berlin and Lili. 

Yevgeny drops off a package for Philby when Jim is in Adrian's living room. 

Starik's agents search Azalia's room.  He sees a photo on the wall of Yevgeny with Azalia.  The photo is taken off the wall and the frame is dropped on the floor, breaking the glass. 

Jack is walking over to see Lili.  Borisov with some other agents stop Jack.  They want to know who is this girl that Jack takes out?  Jack kicks Borisov in the balls and he goes down.  Now Jack has to fight off the two other agents.  He succeeds in doing that and runs back into the American sector.  Borisov shouts to Jack:  "Come again to East Berlin and we will kill you, Jack." 

Jack is told by a fellow agent that there is  discrepancy in the tapes from the professor's apartment and the notes they have from Lili.  So Jack follows Lili.  He tells her that her professor has betrayed her.  He works for the KGB as a disinformation agent to send the Americans in the wrong direction.  Jack says he is going to get her out of the Soviet sector right now.  Now Lili tells Jack the truth.  The professor is not the Soviet agent.  She is.  Jack asks her if she even loves him?  She says she loves him more than anything else in the world. Lili suggests that Jack take her and her professor out of the Soviet sector.  Jack says don't do this to me, Lili.  She says meet her at 7 p.m.  She kisses him and then leaves. 

Jim admits, in front of his colleagues, that he shared the Vishnevsky memo with Philby.  Jim keeps saying that Harvey doesn't have sufficient evidence to prove that Philby is a spy. 

Philby meets with Yevnesky and wants to know who pushed the panic button?  MacLean and Burgess fled England last night.  Philby comments that the agents must have felt Harvey's noose tightening.  He adds:  "All the spies in MI6 taking flight, leaving me in the net."  Yevgeny tells Philby that Starik wants Philby to cut out too.  There will be a boat waiting in Halifax, Canada for Philby.  Philby says that Starik needs him.  Yevnesky tells Philby that Starik already has another mole in the CIA. 

The agents search Philby's place.  Harvey rubs it in that the spy Philby was right in front of Jim all the time.

Lili returns to the apartment to find the professor has hanged himself or someone else has hanged him.  The police arrive at the apartment building.   Now Lili shoots herself.  Jack arrives in time to see Lili's body being carried out. 

Jack now wants to know who told the Soviets about Lili?  Harvey swears it wasn't him. 

Starik talks to Comrade Khrushchev about losing the three British spies.  Starik tells him not to worry because they have another agent already in the CIA. 

Jim thinks and thinks about the spy case. 


Part 2. 

Jack is being knocked around by Hungarian agents during "interrogation". 

Flashback:  Three days earlier, Budapest Hungary, 1956.  Jack goes on a museum tour with guide Elizabet.   After the tour is over Elizabet says Jack was followed on his way to the museum by the AVH secret police.  Elizabet is English.  She saw the men through her office window.  Jack asks her what's an English girl doing in an uprising in Hungary?  She says the AVH tortured her husband and he died because of it.  She drives Jack to a house where he meets Arpad Zelk.  Zelk introduces Jack to his friends in the resistance.  Jack tells the group that his superiors would like them to postpone their uprising between a year and 18 months.  The resistance people don't like this idea at all, but Jack says the United States can't be drawn into a war with the Soviet Union.  Arpad says he cannot control the Hungarian people and the revolution could happen at any time.  Jack counters by saying two Soviet tank units have been observed 40 miles outside of Budapest. 

Jack looks out over a bridge he's on.  Two agents grab him and throw him into a car. 

Back to the present.  Jack won't talk, so they show him that they are torturing Elizabet already.  So now Jack tells them what was the message he sent from the US to the Hungarians.  Jack lies and tells them the message was that if they revolt, the US will back Hungary with its full support. 

Back at the CIA, their idea to get back Jack is to deal with the KGB to get Jack out of the hands of the AVH.  And Harvey will be the one to contact the KGB.

Berlin, Western Sector.  Midnight.  Harvey threatens to shoot the KGB contact if they don't get their man back from the AVH. 

Out a window, Jack sees a demonstration proceeding down the street.  Later, a Soviet agent apologizes for Jack's being roughed up so much by the Hungarians. He also tells Jack that Elizabet gave them all the information about the meeting between the Hungarians and Jack and they know the truth.  In fact, they are expecting to pick up Arpad Zelk soon.  There is trouble on the street outside and Jack says that's what he would call a full-scale revolution going on outside the window.  The agent leaves the room. 

Jack is put in the back of a car and driven around.  The Hungarians start shooting at the car and the car crashes.  A Soviet guard after shooting down some Hungarians is bayoneted.  Jack, the Soviet agent and the driver are taken out of the car and put up against a fence.  Arpad sees Jack and pulls him away from the wall.  The two other men are shot dead.  Now the Hungarians enter AVH headquarters and start killing the agents and guards.  They find Elizabet and pull her out.  She throws her arms around Arpad. 

The resistance has a number of agents and guards outside waiting to be shot.  Elizabet sees her female torturer.  She grabs a shotgun from a man and shoots the woman.  The other captives start running away and they are shot down. 

A newsreel says:  "Hatred smoldering for a decade erupts without warning.  The flames of liberty and revenge against tyranny leap high.  With uncontrolled fury, crowds set fire to Russian flags and put Soviet books to the torch.  The Red Star is sent tumbling into the gutter.  Budapest is in revolt.  . . . They are showing the world that freedom is worth dying for."

Jack drives a captured Soviet tank, while Arpad loads the barrel.  They fire at an open window in a building and blow out the office there from which guards were shooting at the civilians. 

Vienna Airport, Austria.  A message from Jack arrives in Washington asking for help for the revolutionaries. 

In Washington, D.C. the Americans know they are not going to intervene militarily.  Yevgeny gets a call from Starik. 

Budapest.  The Russian tank units now arrive and start mowing down the rebels.  Arpad and the resistance group goes into a building, but now Soviet tanks start blasting away at the building.  Arpad decides to negotiate the group's surrender.  He talks with a tank commander and then turns around to return to his group.  Arpad is shot in the back.  Elizabet screams. 

An American agent named Frank is really mad that the USA is not going to help the revolutionaries.  He says Radio Free Europe was constantly broadcasting for Eastern Europe to rise up against the Soviets and now Hungary has risen up and they get no help!  Jim says:  "I tried to warn you, Frank, but it was your methods that brought us to this place."  Frank shoots back:  "I hope to God we never have to see the world through your cynical eyes." 

The resistance and others head for a refugee camp in Austria. Harvey is there to greet Jack.  Elizabet ends up in the hospital.  Jack finds Elizabet's and Arpad's daughter and brings her to her mother's bedside.  Elizabet is overjoyed at the reunion. 

Back in Washington, Jack and Leo renew their friendship.  Leo's wife has a baby. 

Guatemala, September 1960.  The Cuban rebels there are planning the Bay of Pigs invasion.  Jack will be the Washington liaison. 

Yevgeny is searching for Azalia.  He talks to a fellow in Russia who says he had checked all the records and there is no record of Azalia leaving the country, legally, anyway. 

The US wants to get rid of Fidel Castro in Cuba.  Harvey and his guys talk about using the Mafia to go after Fidel.  Harvey tells a fellow agent to set up a slush fund for this, and they will never speak of this again in public. 

Brooklyn, New York, 1960.  Harvey meets with mob man Johnny Rosselli.  They talk about killing Fidel.  Rosselli agrees to help his country.

The CIA tries to arrest Yevgeny, but he gets away. 

Miami, Florida, November 1960.  Harvey talks with the mob bosses about killing Castro.  Castro loves milk shakes and the mob wants to put poison in a milk shake for Fidel. 

Leo talks to other agents saying that Castro only has about 100 militiamen from the 338th Militia Battalion in five barracks.  No armor, no artillery. 

Yevgeny cuts all his hair off his head, has glasses now and a fake mustache.  His new name is Gene Lutwidge.  Starik is informed of the new name of Yevgeny. 

Harvey makes arrangements for the poison  Yevgeny gets news about the invasion of Cuba.  Jack and the troops are on the ships now headed for the Bay of Pigs. 

Senator Fulbright of Arkansas tells Dulles and the CIA guys that an invasion of Cuba is just wrong.  An agent informs the senator that the ships are already on their way to Cuba.  Fidel says publicly that the USA is training an army to invade Cuba.  Jim at the CIA says they should put a stop to the invasion.  If the invasion fails, it will cripple the CIA for years to come.  Jim adds that because of the mole, Starik knows about the invasion, and, therefore, so does Castro. 

Hotel Libre, Havana 1961.  The Cubans catch the fellow trying to poison Fidel.  They must have been tipped off by the mole.  The waiter is made to drink the milk shake himself.  He soon dies. 

On television John Kennedy says that there will not be any intervention in Cuba by United States Armed Forces. 

April 17, 1961.  The rebels are heading for the Cuban shore.  Jack's ship hits a reef 50 meters from the shore.  They start taking fire and lose some men.  Jack jumps on the machine gun and mows down the men on the shore and a jeep.  Castro has obviously been informed and he has a lot of men in the area firing on the men trying to reach the shore.  The men land on the coat. 

Castro's planes bomb the rebel's supply ship.  Then the planes strafe the beach.  Jack manages to bring one plane down with a machine gun. 

The CIA frets over what's happening to the Cuban invasion.  Casualties for the rebels are 100 dead and 200 wounded.  The agents speculate that everyone on that beach is going to be killed.  Jack calls in for air cover, but that's not going to come.  The Cuban leader now tells Jack to leave Cuba.  He doesn't want an American being found with the rebels.   He says get out or get shot because he will kill Jack himself if he tries to stay here.  Jack starts swimming our to a US naval boat.   

The Bay of Pigs invasion is a total disaster. 

Jack comes to visit Leo at his house.  Jack says he's going to quit the CIA and go into the private sector. 

The CIA gives Jack a medal for his valor at the Bay of Pigs. 



Part 3.

Washington, D.C., 1975.  Yevgeny is told to go back home, because his father is not well. 

Sergei Kukushkin contacts the CIA.  He is a political attaché at the embassy, but his real job title is captain in the KGB.  He wants political asylum in America.  He says he knows about the mole in the CIA, but recently he was told that the mole is out of the city.  The code name of the mole was Sasha.  Sergei says the mole will return within two weeks.  What Jack wants from Sergei is the first letter of Sasha's family name and the dates when Sasha was absent from Washington.   

Sasha is a Russian speaker.  Sasha's family name begins with a K.  Jim took this information, as well as small bits of other information, and cross-referenced them with CIA employees.  This process brought up a particular name.

Leo Kritzky returns from vacation.  He is picked up and placed in handcuffs. A technician is going to go through all of Kritzky's clothes carefully and then give him a cavity search.  Kritzky starts protesting and gets hit in the chest by an agent.  He continues to protest and gets hit so hard that he falls to the floor.  Now Kritzky is held in a prison cell.  Jim comes in to interrogate Kritzky.  Jim tells Kritzky that they will begin with the agent's father. 

Jack can't believe that the mole could be his friend Leo.  Boss Colby and Harvey think it could be Leo. 

KGB Hospital, Moscow.  Yevgeny finds his father in the hospital.  After that, he goes to visit Philby, who lives in a great big apartment complex amidst other apartment complexes.  Philby says they keep a close watch on him.  He also says that what he really misses is the great game of espionage. 

Now Yevgeny visits Starik.  Starik welcomes the hero Yevgeny.  He talks about his foolish scheme, called Kholstomer, to undermine the financial system of American and Canada and Europe to create an economic holocaust.  Then he sends Yevgeny back to America. 

CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia, 1976.  Jim keeps interrogating Leo.  Leo complains that the lights are on him all the time and he can't sleep.  It almost appears like the guy is breaking down.  Jim just ignores Leo's complaints.  Leo says he didn't turn in Lili and the professor because Jack is his best friend.  Leo starts crying about not sleeping.  Jim tells him only tell the truth and he'll let Leo sleep as much as he wants to.

Jack visits with Jim in his orchid green house.  He suggests that Jim must consider that his judgment as regards Leo is clouded.  Jim says almost nothing in response to that.  He says, my, my.

Sergei now tells Jack that Sasha went on a previous trip to meet with Starik.  It was in 1972 in Nova Scotia.  Jack knows that Leo was in Nova Scotia in the summer of 1972. 

Jack now knows that Leo is Sasha.  He visits Leo in his cell and tells him he knows Leo is Sasha.  He wants Leo to make a deal.  Leo refuses to be a double agent. 

Sergei goes back to the Soviet Union.  Jim says it's because the Soviets threatened his family in Russia.  Jacks says that Leo is locked up, so how did the Soviets know about Sergei?

In Russia, Sergei is put on trial as a traitor.  The following morning Sergei is executed by firing squad. 

Jack talks with Harvey.  He says that Jim hasn't broken Leo.  And Leo said that Sergei would never be polygraphed.  So, perhaps Kukushkin is alive and he was just a disinformation agent.

KGB Headquarters, Moscow.  CIA photos are taken of Kukushkin alive. 

Colby now tells Jim that Leo will be released.  Jim says that Leo is Sasha. 

Colby goes back to work.  Jim is retiring from the CIA.  And Jim still insists that Leo is Sasha. 

Leo's wife commits suicide. 

The time of Gorbachev and his policies of glasnost ("openness") and perestroika ("restructuring") arrives.  Starik says the cold war must go on. 

Two women clerks ran the old data through the computer and they found some patterns.  For instance, there is a pattern in a nightly quiz show.  And on the show the Lewis Carroll quotations from Alice in Wonderland appeared 24 times.  And then there would be the reading of a winning lottery number at the end of the program.  Jack is interested.  Jack talks to the new boss and says that Jim said the Soviets were using a certain number on a $10 dollar bill combined with another series of numbers and this would give the agent a contact phone number.  So they took the lottery numbers and added the number from the $10 dollar bill and the result was that all the numbers matched phone records from Washington, D.C.  They came up with a number for a Polish immigrant who has been moving from new apartment to new apartments, with a new phone number.  They think this woman is the go-between.  Jack says they think this woman will lead them to Sascha's "cutout".

When the go-between leaves her apartment for a short while, the CIA bugs her apartment.  So now they just have to wait for Sascha's cutout to call the go-between. 

Yevgeny calls and the CIA know which public phone the cutout is using.  They try to get to Yevgeny, but he's gone before the cars arrive.

Jack shows some codes to Jim and Jim says they are bank account numbers and SWIFT codes.  These are the threads of Kholstomer. 

Jack explains to the team what Kholstomer is. 

Yevgeny calls the go-between for her to warn the Old Man that the other party knows about his intent on the key item up for sale.  The CIA are on it.  Jack says that the cutout is renting an apartment under the name of Gene Lutwidge.  And they have nabbed the old lady.  

Jack talks with Jim in the hospital.  He tells Jack that the pen name of Lewis Carroll was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.  The cutout is the delivery boy from Kahn's liquor shop.  Jim says to snatch Dodgson up now. 

Jack is in with the raiding party and now finds that Dodgson is none other than his Yale friend Yevgeny.

Jack goes to Leo's house.  He tells Leo about Yevgeny being Sascha's cutout. Yevgeney was the delivery man for Kahn's liquor shop.  And Yevgeny delivered Leo's liquor.  Jack shouts that there is no way that Leo could not have recognized Yevgeny.  He says that at Yale Leo's girlfriend, Stella, was a communist that was later caught and thrown in prison.  And it's Stella who recruited Leo.  Now Leo shoots Jack.  He then admits that he is Sasha. 

Kholstomer is put into action, but the damage is contained.  It was Jim who identified the five key bankers worldwide cooperating with the KGB.  These bankers were all arrested. 

Starik is devastated that his project didn't work.  He tears his living room up in his anger. 

Jack tells Yevgeny that they will let him go back to Russia if he gives them Leo.  Yevgeny says:  "Why the hell would I do that, Jack?"  Jack says that Gorbachev released 3,000 prisoners and Azalia Ivanova was in that group.  And it was Starik that put Azalia into prison. 

Moscow, 1991.  Yevgeny sits down on a park bench alongside Leo.  They talk for a short while. Now both of them are out of the great game of espionage. 

Yevgeny goes to see Starik who is an old man who seems to have lost his mind.  He doesn't even recognize Yevgeny. 

Gorbachev is replaced as leader of Russia.  Yeltsin is the likely next leader, according to Jack.  Jack is in Russia.  He follows Leo on the streets of  Moscow.   Jack pushes Leo into the street and a car just does miss him.  Jack now picks Leo up and says:  "You should be more careful, comrade."  Jack hurries away.  Leo knows it was Jack. 

Yevgeny goes into a book signing.  He hands the book to the author to sign.  He asks Azalia if she still dislikes summer so very much?  Azalia knows who it is.  She says, yes, and then adds:  "A face I never thought I would see."  He says he wants to apologize to her.  They go out for a walk in a park.  She tells her friend that she looks forward to living. while he says he has very little to live for.  "Except for you."  She responds that she cannot think of a way that she can hate Yevgeny.  He asks her if they can try again and she says, yes, they can try again.  They hug each other. 

Jack tells Harvey that he wanted to kill Leo, but, in a sense, he was already dead.  He then asks if Harvey thinks they really made any difference in the Cold War?  Harvey says yes.  Their side won the Cold War, even if they did make a lot of mistakes. 



Good movie.  Lots of suspense and double dealing.  There are a number of adventures covered in the film:  the back and forth investigations of the Soviet agents and spies; the Hungarian Revolution; the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba; and the search for several moles in the CIA.  These moles gave the Soviets a lot of information that was used to foil many of the CIA's plans.  This is especially true of the Bay of Pigs invasion.  The acting is good and the script is good.  It takes a long time for the CIA to find the moles and their contacts, keeping the audience in suspense over who are the moles throughout the film. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.




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