Conspiracy (2001)




Director:    Frank Pierson

Starring:     Kenneth Branagh (Reinhard Heydrich),  Stanley Tucci (Adolf Eichmann),  Colin Firth (Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart),  Barnaby Kay (Rudolf Lange),  Ben Daniels (Dr. Joseph Bhler),   David Threlfall (Dr. Wilhelm Kritzinger),  Jonathan Coy (Erich Neumann),  Brendan Coyle (Heinrich Mller),  Ian McNeice (Dr. Gerhard Klopfer),  Owen Teale (Dr. Roland Freisler),  Nicholas Woodeson (Otto Hofmann),  Kevin McNally (Undersecretary Martin Luther),  Peter Sullivan ( Eberhard (Karl) Schngarth)), Commander in Chief of Security Police and Security Service, BdS),  Ewan Stewart (Dr. Georg Leibbrandt, Permanent Secretary,  Ministerialdirektor),  Brian Pettifer (Dr. Alfred Meyer, State Secretary, Staatssekretr, Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories).

Great movie.  The movie is very chilling.  One would think these formal and polite men were planning a business expansion.  It is a scary movie because these men are so matter of fact about  planning the wholesale murder of millions of Jews: the banality of corporate evil.  (There is, however, always the threat of coercion via Herr Hitler that underlies the meeting.  A few of the men had some lesser qualms, but were firmly put in their proper inferior places.) 



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