The Crying Game (1992)



Director:  Neil Jordan

Starring:  Stephen Rea (Fergus), Jaye Davidson (Jil), Forest Whitaker (Jody), Miranda Richardson (Jude), Adrian Dunbar (Maguire), Joe Savino (Eddie)



Good movie.  This is a love story with an unusual twist.  A love story set in the then violent Northern Ireland (Belfast) during the "troubles" that begins with the kidnapping of a British soldier (Forest Whitaker).   Stephen Rea has the job of guarding the prisoner and the two "soldiers" develop a friendship bond between themselves.   Events go awry and Rea finds himself  in London seeing Jody's girlfriend.  But, just as in the mob, it's not easy to just walk out on the I.R.A.  Lots of plot twists keeps the movie interesting.    

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

Historical Background:


See:  A Sense of Loss (1972)






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