Cuba (1979)



Director: Richard Lester

Starring:  Sean Connery (Maj. Robert Dapes), Brooke Adams (Alexandra Lopez de Pulido), Jack Weston (Larry Gutman), Hector Elizondo (Capt. Raphael Ramirez), Denholm Elliott (Donald Skinner), Martin Balsam (Gen. Bello), Chris Sarandon (Juan Pulido), Danny De La Paz (Julio Mederos), Lonette McKee (Therese Mederos), Alejandro Rey (Faustino), Louisa Moritz (Miss Wonderly), Dave King (Miss Wonderly's Press Agent), Walter Gotell (Don Jose Pulido), David Rappaport (Jesus), Wolfe Morris (Gen. Fulgencio Batista).

love story of a sort set in Havana at the time of the takeover by Castro



Poor movie.  I don't think it worked on any level.  Major Robert Dapes (Sean Connery) arrives in Cuba to work with the Batista forces to counter the growing insurgency.  He, however, has come too late to do any real good.  And the major is not a very admirable character since he is a hired gun working for almost anyone who will pay him. 

The major gets just a glance at a woman he was in love with in Africa, Alexandra Lopez de Pulido (Brooke Adams).  She has a husband, Juan Pulido (Chris Sarandon), who is a philanderer, this time with Therese Mederos (Lonette McKee).  One cannot really root for this relationship because the husband is such a louse.     

When Major Dapes reconnects with Alexandra, you can't get enthused about this relationship either, for he is out with a married woman and she is a married woman and she does not really want to leave Cuba (even though the country is on the verge of a successful revolution.) 

There are the forces of Batista and those of the rebels, but no particular sympathy or criticism is directed at either.  So there is, in one sense, no one to root for between the two sides.  It just does not work as history.  And I still don't understand why the major would be fighting with the Batista forces and then blowing up Batista tanks. 

So what's there to praise about this movie?  Nothing. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

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See Havana (1990) .


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