La Última cena (The Last Supper) (1976) --  slavery in Cuba

Tamango (1957)  --  an African slave on a Dutch slave ship heading to Cuba revolts, capturing the captain's mistress, thereby forcing a showdown

El otro Francisco (The Other Francisco) (1975) -- Cuban abolitionists were not primarily motivated by humanitarianism but had real economic motives & misrepresented the nature of slavery in Cuba



Rough Riders (1997)  -- 1898, with Theodore Roosevelt in Cuba

Mambí (1998) – the Cubans loyal to Spain called the insurgents the Mambies, named after the black Spanish officer, Juan Ethninius Mamby, who was a freedom fighter in the Dominican Republic


Havana (1990)  --  a self-centered gambler falls in love with a revolutionary in Havana, Cuba 

Cuba (1979)  --  love story of a sort set in Havana at the time of the takeover by Castro

The Lost City (2005)  --  love story set in Havana at the time of the takeover by Castro

I am Cuba (1964) -- ode to Castro revolution

The Motorcycle Diaries  (2004)  --  Che's political education on a motorcycle

Che: Part One and Part Two  (2008) – with Benicio del Torro as Che

Che Guevara (2005)  --  Ernesto "Che" Guevara, co-rebel with Fidel Castro in Cuba & rebel leader elsewhere (with Benicio del Torro as Che)

Che! (1969) -- Che Guevara

Azúcar amarga (Bitter Sugar) (1996)  --  a young supporter of Castro becomes disillusioned

Lucia (1968)  --  three transitional periods in Cuban history from the perspectives of three women named Lucia

Guaguasi (1982)  --  simple country man leaves his village to join the rebels, in Havana he falls in love, but he also falls apart, changed by the revolution

Thirteen Days (2001) --  Cuban Missile Crisis

Missiles of October (1974)  --  Cuban Missile Crisis docudrama

Fire Bay (2010)  --  Bay of Pigs invasion

Before Night Falls (2000)  --  homosexual Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas is terribly abused by the totalitarian Cuban system

Memorias del subdesarrollo (Memories of Underdevelopment) (1968)  --  wealthy man caught in the transitions during the Cuban  revolution of 1959

Cuban Blood (Dreaming of Julia; Cuba Libre) (2003)  --   an 11 year old boy is able to live a somewhat normal life against the background of the Cuban Revolution, 1958



All the President's Men -- Washington Post reporters track down Nixon and Watergate; Cuban-Americans involved in the burglary


Al otro lado (2004)  --  To the Other Side; stories of Cuban boy, Moroccan girl and Mexican boy and the effects of emigration on their lives


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