Marketa Lazarová (1967) – Czech film account of the shift from Paganism to Christianity



John Hus (1977)  -- Czech burned at the stake in 1415; had influence on Martin Luther

X Jan Žižka (1955)  --  Hussite Wars

X  Proti všem (Against All Odds, (1957)  --  Hussite Wars


Witches' Hammer (1970) --  witch hunting in Czechoslovakia


World War II:

Ostre sledované vlaky (Closely Watched Trains) (1966)  --  in Czechoslovakia a young man ignores the war, the occupation and the resistance to concentrate on his personal problems

Dny zrady I& II (Days of Betrayal) (1973)  --  Munich Conference agreement of September 1938 gives Germany the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia  (occupied October 1938)

X  The War on Democracy  --  two Czech pilots escape from Nazi controlled Czechoslovakia to fly for the British and both fall in love with Susan

Spalovac mrtvol (The Cremator) (1969)  --   in Czechoslovakia a friend of a cremator convinces Kopfrkingl to emphasize his supposedly German heritage, to send his son to German school & to distance himself from his half-Jewish wife

Divided We Fall (2000)  --  in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, a couple agree to hide a Jewish friend

Zelary (2003)  --  a nurse and her lover in the Czech resistance are found out and she hast to hide in a very old-fashioned Czech village




Behind the Iron Curtain:

Der Prager Frühling (2008) – January-August 1968 escalating conflict between the reforms of party leader Alexander Dubcek in Czechoslovakia and Russians who invaded on August 21, 1968

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988)  --  Czech Rebellion against Soviet Union occupation, 1968

Rani radovi (Early Works) (1969)  --  Yugoslavian film depicting the aftermath of the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia

Prague Duet (Lies & Whispers) (2008)  --   Dr. Lauren Graham's  life is turned upside down when she learns that her grandfather is accused of war crimes

Horí, má panenko (The Firemen's Ball) (1967)  --  political satire of failure of Czech communist rule after the crushing of the Czech Rebellion, 1968