The Day of the Jackal  (1973)





Director:     Fred Zinneman

Starring:     Edward Fox (The Jackal), Terence Alexander (Lloyd), Michel Auclair (Col. Rolland), Alan Badel (The Minister), Tony Britton (Insp. Thomas), Denis Carey (Casson), Adrien Cayla-Legrand (President Gen.Charles De Gaulle), Cyril Cusack (The Gunsmith), Maurice Denham (Gen. Colbert), Vernon Dobtcheff (The Interrogator), Jacques Franois (Pascal), Olga Georges-Picot (Denise), Raymond Grme (Flavigny), Barrie Ingham (St. Clair), Derek Jacobi (Caron).

1954-1962 De Gaulle and the Algerian War 



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