DC 9/11: Time of Crisis (2003)




Director:  Brian Trenchard-Smith

Cast:  Timothy Bottoms (President George W. Bush), John Cunningham (Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld), David Wolos-Fonteno (Secretary of State Colin Powell), Gregory Itzin (Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft), Penny Johnson (Condoleezza Rice), Stephen Macht (Paul Wolfowitz), Mary Gordon Murray (Laura Bush), Lawrence Pressman (Vice President Dick Cheney), Scott Alan Smith (Press Secretary Ari Fleischer), George Takei (Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta), David McIlwraith (White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card), Myron Natwick (Paul O'Neill), Allan Royal (Karl Rove), Carolyn Scott (Karen Hughes), Chuck Shamata (Shelton).


This movie starts with the attack on 9-11and then closely follows the reactions of President Bush and his team. 

I am sorry but I can't be very sympathetic to Bush and his team.  The man and his team used the occasion not just to punish Afghanistan by responding with bombings of  key installations (like the Israelis do), but to occupy the country.  The team also used the occasion to decide to invade and occupy the country of Iraq which had no connections to Al Qaeda.  (Many years after the start of the Iraq War, there are Republicans still claiming that we went into Iraq because of their terrorism.)  In addition, the Bush team lied about Sadam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction.  And Vice President Cheney totally misled the public that the American troops would be greeted as liberators.

So now the US occupies two countries: Afghanistan and Iraq.  (In the Islamic faith it is said that God does not favor the starter of wars.) 

And there is little evidence that Iraq will become peaceful and democratic any time soon.  And the actions of Bush and company have actually increased the total of  anti-Americanism and terrorism in the world. 

Bush has also helped to create a atmosphere of McCarthyism, saying that critics of the actions of the Republicans are "soft" on terrorism and "unpatriotic".  And, furthermore, Bush has deliberately fostered an atmosphere of fear leaving Americans more fearful and paranoid about the world.  In addition, Bush is willing to sacrifice many of our civil rights, because of the "necessities" of the new technologies of communication. 

Given the terrible consequences of Bush's policies post-9/11, I could not watch a movie that paints the man as a great leader.

You are much better off watching Fahrenheit 9/11 or Why we Fight.  But if you are a man or woman of the right wing, go for it.  Wallow in your fears and support the start of more wars in our defense against terrorism. 

(P.S.  I get a kick out of conservatives saying that conservative presidents are the great presidents and that they personify the moral virtues of our  country.  All the great presidents in US history were engaged in increasing things the conservatives hate: Andrew Jackson and the extension of the vote to men without property; Abraham Lincoln and the abolishment of slavery, Theodore Roosevelt and the limitations of of the power of corporate monopolies in the progressive age;  Woodrow Wilson and the graduate income tax and women's right to vote; Franklin D. Roosevelt and the creation of greater equality in the creation of the US welfare state; and John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson for destroying the legal supports for apartheid in this country.  

Presidents like Ronald Reagan and George Bush II can only be considered great presidents if the world has turned upside down and good is bad, and bad is good; when selfishness and greed are good and charity is bad; when increasing inequality is good and decreasing inequality is bad; when racist/sexist/homophobic views of the world are good and embracing these minorities are bad.  We don't give out awards for people who are interested in increasing equality and injustice like Reagan and Bush  II.   We give out awards for reaching beyond one's own little world and helping the less fortunate and the ones who are discriminated against and mistreated.)  




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