Death of the President



assassination of Gabriel Narutowicz, Poland's first president


Historical Background:


1865 (March 17)  --  Gabriel Narutowicz was born in Telsiani, Lithuania, then under the Russian Partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 

1908  --  Narutowicz was a professor at the Polytechnical Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.

He directed the construction of many hydroelectric plants in Western Europe.

1914-1918  --  World War I.  

1918  --  Poland regained its independence. 

1918-1922  --  Field Marshal Józef Piłsudski was the first Chief of the restored Polish State

1920-1921  --  Narutowicz was the Minister of Public Works.

1922  --  he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

1922-1939  --  Second Polish Republic. 

1922 (December 9)  --  Narutowicz was elected by the Polish Parliament to be the first president of Poland.  He received support from the Left, Center, Peasant and Minority deputies. The Right-Wing deputies, particularly the National Democrats, declared that Narutowicz was the "President of the Jews," because he had received the support of the Jews. 

1922 (December 16)  --  five days after his inauguration, Narutowicz attended the opening of an art exhibit at the Zacheta Gallery in Warsaw.  There he was shot and killed by a sympathizer of the National Democrats, an art professor and critic, Eligiusz Niewiadomski.  A month later, he was executed. 

1922 (December 16) - 1922 (December 20)  --  Maciej Rataj was the temporary president of Poland. 

1922 (December 20) - 1926 (May 14)  --  reign of president Stanislaw Wojciechowski (deposed in the May Coup of 1926).

1926 (May 12-14)  --  coup d'etat led by Field Marshal Józef Piłsudski overthrew the government of Poland.   It was replaced by h a new government headed by the Lwow Polytechnic Professor, Kazimierz Bartel and the Sanacja political movement.  Piłsudski refused to take the Presidency.  Ignacy Moscicki became the new president, but Piłsudski was the behind-the-scenes dictator of Poland. 

1926 (June 1) - 1939 (September 30)  --  reign of president Ignacy Moscicki. 

1926-1935  --  Field Marshal Józef Piłsudski was the de facto ruler of Poland until his death in 1935.  

1939 (September 1)  --  German and Soviet invasion of Poland.