Dempsey (1983)




Director:     Gus Trikonis .

Starring:    Treat Williams (Jack Dempsey), Sam Waterston (Doc Kearns), Sally Kellerman (Maxine Cates), Victoria Tennant (Estelle Taylor), Peter Mark Richman (Tex Rickard), Jesse Vint (Bernie Dempsey), Robert Harper (Damon Runyon), John McLiam (Hyrum Dempsey), Bonnie Bartlett (Celia Dempsey), James Noble (Gavin McNab), John Lehne (Gene Normile), Cliff Emmich (Otto), Michael McManus (Babe Ruth), Mark L. Taylor (Price), Jimmy Nickerson (Gene Tunney).

Made for TV movie.






Historical Background:




1895  --  born William Harrison Dempsey in Manassa, Colorado, U.S.

1914  -- starts boxing under the name Kid Blackie.

1918 and early 1919  --  compiles an impressive number of knockouts, most in the first round, to earn a fight with Jess Willard. Dempsey's boxing style was to keep on the offensive almost continuously, bobbing up and down and moving from side to side.  He would take short, swinging blows out of a crouch at blinding speed.

July 4, 1919  -- knocks out Jess Willard in three rounds in Toledo, Ohio. The 37-year-old champion was no match for the young Dempsey, who attacked ferociously from the starting bell. He knocks Willard to the floor seven times in the first round.

Sept. 14, 1923  --  title defense against Argentine heavyweight Luis Angel Firpo in New York City; after being knocked out of the ring in the first round, Dempsey batters Firpo into defeat in the second.

1923-1926  --  Dempsey fights only exhibition matches.

Sept. 23, 1926  -- loses a 10-round decision to Gene Tunney in Philadelphia. Dempsey at the age of 31, finds the carefully trained Tunney just too much for him.

Sept. 22, 1927  --  in Chicago, Dempsey and Tunney meet again in the famous "Battle of the Long Count." Dempsey loses his chance for a seventh-round knockout by foolishly standing over the fallen Tunney rather than going to a neutral corner of the ring. Tunney recovers and goes on to win a 10-round decision.

1930s --  appears in many exhibition fights.

1940 --  three knockout victories over unknown opponents.  He then retires to referee boxing and wrestling matches.  

1914-1940 -- 84 bouts, winning 62, 51 by knockouts.

World War II   --  serves as a lieutenant commander in the Coast Guard.

He becomes a successful restaurateur in New York City.

May 31, 1983  --  dies in New York, N.Y.





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