Desert Patrol (1958)




Director:    Guy Green

Starring:     Richard Attenborough (Trooper Brody), John Gregson (Capt. Williams), Michael Craig (Capt. Cotton), Vincent Ball (Sgt. Nesbitt), Percy Herbert (Trooper White), Barry Foster (Cpl. Matheson), Andrew Faulds (Sgt. Parker), George Murcell (Cpl. Simms), Ray McAnally (Sgt. Hardy), Harold Goodwin (Road Watch), Tony Thawnton (Capt. Giles), Dermot Walsh (Maj. Jeffries), Wolf Frees (German Sergeant), George Mikell (German Officer).

On a mission to annihilate a German fuel dump in Africa during World War II, a mine expert and a desert patrol commander clash.


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