Dillinger (1945)




Director:  Max Nosseck

Starring:  Edmund Lowe (Specs), Anne Jeffreys (Helen), Lawrence Tierney (John Dillinger), Eduardo Ciannelli (Marco Minnelli), Marc Lawrence (Doc), Elisha Cook Jr. (Kirk), Ralph Lewis (Tony), Ludwig Stossel (Otto), Elsa Janssen (Mrs. Otto).

Most famous of all U.S. bank robbers, whose short career of robberies and escapes from June 1933 to July 1934 won media headlines.





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Historical Background:


John Dillinger

1902, June 28, or June 22, 1903 --  born in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.

Spends his adolescence on a farm in nearby Mooresville.

1923  --  joins the Navy, serving on the USS "Utah;" deserts after only a few months.

1924, Sept.  --  caught in the foiled holdup of a Mooresville grocer.

1924-33  -- locked up in Indiana state prisons. He learns how to be a good bank robber from tough professionals.

1933, May 22  -- gets paroled; with from one to four partners, he robs five Indiana and Ohio banks in four months; known for his daring, leaping, sharply dressed gunman style.

1933, Sept.  -- captured and jailed in Ohio; rescued by five former convict pals whose own escape from Indiana State Prison he had earlier financed and plotted.

Dillinger and his gang rob banks in Indiana and Wisconsin and flee south to Florida and then to Tucson, Arizona, where they are discovered and arrested by local police. Dillinger extradited to Indiana and lodged in the Crown Point jail.

1934, March 3  -- manages a celebrated escape with a razor and a piece of wood he carved into a fake pistol, blackened with bootblack; forces his way past a dozen guards to freedom, singing as he left, "I'm heading for the last roundup."

More bank robberies; twice barely escapes FBI entrapments; shootouts in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

1934, July 22  --  FBI under Melvin Purvis and Indiana police set up a trap with the help of Anna Sage, a Dillinger friend and brothel madam. This "lady in red" went with Dillinger to the Biograph Theatre in Chicago.  Upon emerging from the theatre, Dillinger is killed in a shoot out with the F.B.I.


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