Distant Thunder (1988)



Director:     Rick Rosenthal.

Starring:     Ralph Macchio (Jack Lambert), John Lithgow (Mark Lambert), Kerrie Keane (Char), Reb Brown (Harvey Nitz), Janet Margolin (Barbara Lambert), Denis Arndt (Larry), Jamey Sheridan (Moss), Tom Bower (Louis), John Kelly (Andy), Michael Currie (Coach Swabey), Hilary Strang (Jane), Robyn Stevan (Holly), David Longworth (Sheriff), Gordon Currie (Billy Watson), Walter Marsh (Principal).

A film about the readjustment of Vietnam veterans to civilian life after they've seen some terrible events.  A Vietnam "Bush Vet" tries to handle meeting his son again after a span of 15 years, made all the worse by post-traumatic street disorder bred violence.



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