La donna dei faraoni  (The Pharaoh's Woman) (1960)  --  Giorgio Rivalti, Italy;  31st century BC love story just after r the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt

Land of the Pharaohs (1955)  --  building of the Pharaoh's Great Pyramid of Giza, 2560 B.C.

Sudan (1945)  --  following the murder of her father, Queen Naila of Khemis is enslaved

The Egyptian (1954)  --  story of physician Sinuhe in Akhenaten's reign, 1352 B.C.

Nefertiti, regina del Nilo (Queen of the Nile) (1961)  --   Queen Nefertiti, wife of Akhenaaten1

X  Faraon (Pharoah) (1966) Polish film set in Egypt in 1069 BC

El Mamalik (Revolt of the Mamalukes)  (1965)  -- royal bodyguard in the 13th century; in 1250  a Mameluke, Qutuz, came to the Egyptian throne; Mameluke sultans ruled  Egypt; conquered by the Ottomans in 1517

Princess of the Nile (1954)  --  an Egyptian princess tries to drive out the Bedouin conquerors. 



The Story of Jacob and Joseph (1974) TV  --  Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to Joseph

Joseph (1995)  TV  -- 

X  Joseph and His Brethren  (1960, Irving Rapper)

X Joseph in the Land of Egypt  (1932, George Roland)

Ten Commandments (1956) --  Charlton Heston as Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt, around 1275 B.C.

X  The Ten Commandments  (1923, Cecil B. DeMille)

Moses the Law Giver (1975)  --

Moses (1995)  -- 

Prince of Egypt (1998)  --  animated version of the story of Moses



Cleopatra (1999)  -- with Leonor Varela

Cleopatra (1963) -- with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Cleopatra  (1934)  --  love affairs with Caesar  (to 44 BC) and Mark Antony (second triumvirate, 43-27 BC) (with Claudette Colbert)

Caesar and Cleopatra (1945) --  British film with Vivian Leigh as Cleopatra

X Antony and Cleopatra (1974)  --  Janet Suzman as Cleopatra

Antony and Cleopatra (1972)  --  with Hildegard Neil

Antony and Cleopatra (1983)  -- Shakespeare version ; Lynn Redgrave as Cleopatra

X  The Cleopatras (1983) miniseries of the Ptolemaic dynasty (305-30 BCE) in Egypt

Il sepolcro dei re (Cleopatra's Daughter) (1960) total fiction


Julius Caesar (2002)  --  solid telling in this mini-series of the Caesar tale; Jeremy Sisto as Julius Caesar & Samuela Sardo as Cleopatra

Julius Caesar (1984)  --   Janet Baker as Caesar; Valerie Masterson as Cleopatra; made for TV


Abu Zayd al-Hilali  (1947) --- 10th century Islamic Egyptian hero leader Abu Zayd al-Hilali; he and his wife break away from his father's tribe;  later the two tribes engage in battle and son and father have to fight it out (in Arabic)



Napoleon (2003)

Passion in the Desert  (1997)  young French officer in  Egypt during Napoleon Bonaparte's campaign to capture the country

Adieu Bonaparte (1985)  --  reactions of three Egyptian brothers to French Occupation and crushing of Mameluke rule


Al-Mummia (aka The Night of Counting the Years,  The Mummy) (1969) an Upper-Egyptian clan in 1881 has been robbing a cache of mummies near Kurna


Mountains of the Moon (1990)  --   expedition to find the source of the Nile river in the name of Queen Victoria's British Empire




Iskanderija... lih? (Alexandria . . . Why?) (1979)  --  personal relationships set against the background of World War II; Alexandria Trilogy

Hadduta misrija (An Egyptian Story) (1982)  --  autobiography set against the Egyptian revolution; Alexandria Trilogy

Iskanderija, kaman oue kaman  (Alexandria Again and Forever)   (1989)  --  personal relationships set against the general strike of 1987; Alexandria Trilogy

Thartharah fawqa al-Nīl (Adrift on the Nile)  --  criticism of the Gamal Abdel Nasser period and its censorship of artistic expression 

Omaret yakobean (The Yacoubian Building) (2006)  --  criticism of Egypt since the coup d'etat of 1952 that overthrew King Farouk and brought in Nasser

Fi baitina rajul (The Man is in Our House) (1961) -- fighting British rule leads to exile of puppet King Farouk, 1954, and the rise of Nasser

 X  Ahlam Saghira (Little Dreams) (1993)  --  twelve year old boy's view of life during Nasser presidency

Nasser 56 (1996) glowing account of Nasser and how he outdid the Americans  (Arabic; does it have subtitles?)

Ard al-Salam (Land of Peace) (1957)  --  an Egyptian helps Palestinians free their village from Israeli control

Sadat (1983) --  President of Egypt Anwar Sadat makes war on and then makes peace with Israel  

Ayyam El Sadat (The Days of Sadat) (2001) --  life of Anwar Sadat  (currently unavailable)


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