Eleanor and Franklin (1976)




Director:    Daniel Petrie.

Starring:    Jane Alexander (Eleanor Roosevelt, age 18-60), Edward Herrmann (Franklin Delano Roosevelt, age 20-50), Rosemary Murphy (Sara Delano Roosevelt), Pamela Franklin (Anna Hall), David Huffman (Elliott Roosevelt, Sr.), Mackenzie Phillips (Eleanor Roosevelt, age 14), Lilia Skala (Mlle. Souvestre, school headmistress), Ed Flanders (Louis Howe), Helen Kleeb (Daisy), Peggy McCay (Grace Tully), Anna Lee (Laura Delano), Irene Tedrow (Mary Hall), Devon Ericson (Corinne Robinson), Linda Purl (Alice Roosevelt, age 14-20), William Phipps (Theodore Roosevelt).

Television miniseries.  Won an Emmy.

Follows the lives and loves of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor.



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