Esther's Diary (2010)




Director:     .

Starring:     Juli Erickson (Apollonia Kowalski), Shelley Calene-Black (Maria Patterson), Sydney Barrosse (Sarah Blumenfeld), Jamie Goodwin (Jeff), Dell Aldrich (Esther Horn-Blumenfeld, voice), Wilbur Penn (Clayton), Kathy Rose Center (Attendant at nursing home), Christina Childress (Jennifer - intern), Krystal Morton (Young Esther), Kathryn Olsen (Young Apollonia), Greg Dorchak (Pete - Studio Engineer), Sean Elliot (Matthew - Student), Chris Rivera (Sarah's assistant), Chris Doubek (Paul - Radio Show Caller), Amber Rogers (Paul's daughter #1).

a mother's diary reveals the secret ties between two families, one Jewish, the other Christian, during the holocaust in Poland


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