The Eyes of Van Gogh (2005)





Director:     Alexander Barnett.

Starring:     Diane Agostini (Kee Vos), John Alexander (Patient #3), Alexander Barnett (Vincent van Gogh), Dean Curtis (Patient #4), John FitzGibbon (Patient #5), Lee Godart (Paul Gauguin), Clarke Griffith (Patient #7), Celia Howard (Anna van Gogh), Thomas D. Kaufman (Patient #1),  John Lederer (Patient #2), Matthew Marchetti (Young Vincent), Edwin McDonough (Reverend Rochedieu), Keith Perry (Theodorus van Gogh), Roy Thinnes (Dr. Peyron), Ray Wasik(Patient #6).

based on the year van Gogh spent in the insane asylum of St. Remy



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